Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mermaids from the Deep Sea ~ Lore

After exploring the deepest seas and swimming through the widest oceans, I returned with three very special friends; Shelltina, Calliope, and Penelope. They are some of the wisest Mermaids in all of the Water World.
Now Shelltina was the first Mermaid I met as I swam amidst the cold waters of Nova Scotia.

She is what some of you may call from the Steampunk era, but in her world she is known to hold the antiquities of the Deep Sea. She embraces the knowledge of the Water World history from the very beginning, the wisest of Sea Maidens. She has the ability to be in both worlds of Land and Sea, and understands the emotions that ebb and flow from both. Shelltina is one you would call on when seeking to understand matters of the Heart, and make the wisest decisions in Love and Friendship. She is an enlightened Mermaid.

Calliope is one of her closest friends.

She presents herself when situations of misunderstanding arise. She is extremely diplomatic and knows the perfect ways to create Peace between those that are in dispute. She is a resolution finder. Calliope has an extremely strenuous job.

And last but certainly not least is Penelope. Penelope is a friend to all of the small sea creatures. She protects them, and takes them to safety when larger aquatic animals are nearby. She swiftly sweeps them up and takes them to secret hiding places to keep them safe until they can emerge again.
Penelope is a member of the Sea Urchin Clan. Her best friend and navigator is her Seahorse, Herbert, who can always be found riding on her tail.

These girls have kept me awake for countless hours with their stories since we came home. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wings of a Whisper ~ Butterfly Faerie Art Doll

Shhhh...her Wings are magical. They allow her to take an adventure, wherever and whenever she desires, with no one knowing when she comes and when she goes. She blends with the sunrise and when you feel as if something has just brushed your hair, it is her secretly floating by on her Wings of a Whisper.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Amethyst Meadowskies ~ The Making of Memories

Amethyst Meadowskies only appears on those days when the skyline is the color I call "SkyBluePink". You know when she appears because all of a sudden, out of the blue, you start singing to yourself (usually songs from long ago) as a complete happiness washes over you. Old happy memories flood through your heart reminding of you of your happiest times. She brings the sweetest of memories and happy hearts.

Sitting she is approximately 6 inches tall. She is a cloth art doll with clay face. Her hair is fantastic dyed wool that is twisted like dreds. Small little seed beads adorn her hair. A hand crocheted scarf is wrapped around her shoulders or wool and angora. She holds purple silk flowers in her lap. Her necklace is created from an amethyst porcelain bead and smaller seed beads. She has two bracelets that go around her left wrist. A purple suede mini skirt goes perfectly with the fabric she is made from. She has little purple flowers on her feet, with purple braiding tied up her calves.

She is absolutely sweet as can be, my little hippie girl, Amethyst Meadowskies.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being an Artist with a Disability

Being an Artist with a Disability is not a subject that I share often, if ever. I have lived with disability since I was a young child, so it is as normal to me as the sky is blue. It is not a badge I wear as though I am wounded, but just a simple part that has lended it's hand in the creation of me. Being an amputee, I have looked for the positive things it has brought to my life. It has made me a compassionate person, a person who always looks for the light in others because I know that outward appearances sometimes mask the Divine that resides in each of us.
As I have grown older, other physical impairments resulting in much pain have become prevelant, forcing me to face my limitations and accept them. They have forced me to go deeper into myself to find ways to create beauty in life. I have learned to cherish the moments when  pain does not control me, and to seize those moments, creating pieces of me that will leave my mark in this world. And when those moments happen, life is supreme.
Crow Mother - Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
I sculpt, with these hands that challenge me, to bring to life the things that reside in my heart.
The sharing of my story is not meant to be sad, but to be a reminder to appreciate each moment, to grasp it to its fullest, and to not allow our challenges to change who we are deep in our hearts.

Namaste ~ The Spirit in Me honors the Spirit in You

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magical Beings in the Mountain Mist

Today it has been cold and dreary on the mountain. As the mist floats over the curves of the mountain, I stay warm inside prepared to work a little magic. With my dog at my feet and warm cup of tea, I oull up Netflix and find a beautiful little movie to work along with. "Ondine", a movie about an Irish fisherman who finds a Selkie in his fishing net, captures my attention and while it's Celtic tunes play softly under the actors, I work on a Mermaid Poppet that's a gift for Steve's wife. 

At midday I finished another custom order for a Raven Goddess doll, that I have completely fallen in love with.

The magic and grace just seems to exude from her.

So pleased to have gotten my orders done, now I will see what I can create for this weekend's show.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mother Snow Owl Folk Art Doll

Inspired by the cool crisp air that is starting to move in with the Fall, is Mother Snow Owl.

She watches over all of the Snowy Owls, guiding them to the areas where food is plentiful, and keeps a watchful eye on them.

Although he is the Keeper of the Snowy, all of the owl clans look up to her for she extends a kind hand and warm heart to them all.

Mother Snow Owl is the Keeper of the Snowy Owl, as her Mother and Grandmother were before her. She carries the Keeper staff and shall pass it down to her own daughter when the time comes.


"'Charmed" by my Mother's Creations

I'm lucky to have a mother who loves to create. She used to make art dolls, but has become an avid stamper. She makes tote bags and charms and art cards. Every few months she sends me goodies she has made from her art swaps.
Last year she had made me a Frida Tote bag. Since then whenever she sends me a charm, I add some of them to the front of the tote. It has become one of my most treasured pieces of art.

It's so great to have a mother and daughter relationship where you both inspire each other.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elizabeth the Folk Artist from Black Mountain, NC

New to the Wisdom Keeper Art Doll clan is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a Folk Artist from Black Mountain, North Carolina. Her mother and her grandmother
were Appalachian Granny Women - herbalists and midwives in the North Carolina Mountains. Now that the mountains are more populated and modern ways have come, doctors exist in those towns and the Granny Women aren't needed as they once were. 

So Elizabeth adapted her knowledge of herbs and plants into creating Folk Craft. Every morning she walks the mountain paths behind her cabin to gather nature's beauty. From these she created Lavender Bundles, Flower Wreaths, Carved Gourd Bowls, Soaps and Perfumes.

                  Her daughters are learning from her to carry on the knowledge of these wise women.

Elizabeth is a Gourd Art Doll. She is approximately 16 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter.Her hat, over coat, and skirt are hand sewn of tweed with fiber embellishements for trim. She is holding a dried pod which is holding two small pumpkins and mini gourd. In her pockets are dried naturals and peacock feather.
Her scarf is closed with a shell bead. Her hair is braided with leather ties. She is attached to wooden base for display.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Understanding the Art Doll and the Artist

Art Dolls have become highly collectible and are an art form in themselves. With the amount of diversity that exists in their creation, many have found it difficult to define their type of art. Fine Art? Fine Craft? Folk Art? Fiber Art? Outsider Art? Assemblage Art?
They can fall into so many categories because of the wide range of mediums that are used. Art Dolls can be created from Gourd, Clay, Cloth, Porcelain, Wood, or Found Objects. Their possibilities in theme and embellishments are even more diverse. With all that said, the commonality that brings them all together and connects the artist and the collector is the Face.

It creates the "voice" for the piece. Some will be serene and peaceful, while others can be mischievous and spunky. They help to tell the story of the Art Doll, of which every one of them has.

Art Dolls are crafted for the adult collector. So as an adult, what makes us fall in love with them?
They can be reminders, reminders of a time past, of ancestors and cultures. They can reflect our interests in magical and fanstasy worlds. They can represent the diffferent stages of being a woman and the journeys that we move through. Or simply, they bring us stories.

Whatever the theme or medium used, Art Dolls become a cherished piece of art, both to the artist and to the collector.


You can see my current artwork and available art dolls in my Artfire Studio here

Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Dolls Touching the Spirit this week...

This week my Art Doll creating focused on some custom orders and gifts, along with adding to my inventory. Twice the amount of time was taken with them, an almost meditative process of complete serenity as I worked. I always enjoy creating them, but something was a bit different this week.
It  felt similar to  a time a few years ago when I sat for hours creating hundereds of prayer bundles for a sweat lodge. When you create prayer bundles, your mind is to be focused on prayers and positive thoughts, and while I always am happy when I create my dolls...this week seemed to be a pure meditation. It was wonderful.

Healing Comfort ~ Chelsea


Dreaming Angel

Green Tea

Cherry Blossom

These dolls have been adopted, but you can see more of my art dolls in my Indiemade shop here

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Displaying Art Dolls for Shows

Of all the various types of Art that my husand and I create and set up in our art show booths, displaying the Art Dolls is my most time consuming. My Art Dolls use about 1/3 of our booth. I am constantly changing the type of display stands, risers, and shelving and now I'm at it again, sketching different ideas for them.

My full size Wisdom Keeper Art Dolls come in various sizes ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches tall. Using shelving makes them less visible, so I have found that using the risers gives them the height and individuality that they need.
My smaller versions, the Wisdom Keeper Poppet, need to be able to be picked up easily in order to see their fine details.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall is coming...time for Halloween Art Dolls

My most favorite season  is nearly upon us...Fall. I absolutely love Autumn. Growing up in Upstate New York introduced me to this glorious time and since then I have lived in some of the most beautiful places that nurture my love for this color rich time period.
As a child I would go to the Cider Mill in Endicott NY. I would watch them make the old fashioned cake donuts and would peak into all of the barrels of candy apples and apple cider. I waited all year for them to open. In the back of the Cider Mill you would find the Cider Mill Playhouse, where you could watch a play. It was exciting every time.
The crisp air, the changing of the leaves, and the brilliant colors all enhance my anticipation for the season and the things to do...one of them being Halloween. And so, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't create some Art Dolls for this season, now would it?

This week Ophelia's Pumpkin Patch joined our clan of Wisdom Keepers....

Ophelia waits all year for this time..her favorite and most important time...the harvesting of her Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkins may not be the largest...and they may be slightly odd shaped, but everybody and I do mean everybody knows that Ophelia grows the most magical and delightful pumpkins around.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Kachina Gourd

The newest creation in my collection is my Kachina Gourd. Contemplating for about two months what exactly I would do with this particular gourd, I finally had the spark of inspiration.


Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ancient Genie and Her Lamp..

~The Ancient Genie and Her Lamp~

What would you do if you were granted your deepest desires?

Are you brave enough to live your dreams?

This is what the Old One asks....Are you ready for your wishes to come true?