Saturday, February 20, 2010

And her Story has evolved…Sakura

“Sakura ~ The Kunoichi”(Sakura: meaning – Cherry Blossoms)(Kunoichi – Female Ninja)Sakura is a Kunoichi – female Ninja. She is highly trained in combat, but is also trained to only use her skills when needed. Kunoichi often disguise themselves as entertainers or geisha in order to get close to those she needs information from.Sakura fully embraces this – her cloth body is designed with a powerful black and silver dragon print cotton, which is then embellished with very delicate feminine beading and beaded“cherry blossoms” in her hair and in her hands.Yellow silk is draped around her waist and flows to the floor, and the yellow and lime green ribbons represent the balanced flow of chi that she posesses.

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