Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rabbit Whisperer ~ Art Doll

The Rabbit Whisperer walks in both worlds of the Rabbit and of the Human, allowing her to communicate fully with the Rabbit Kingdom and to bring us the lessons they give.

Rabbits move by hopping and leaping, signifying that those who are connected with Rabbit, have the endeavours in their lives move much in the same way. They remind you to stay alert for opportunities... to be able to "hop" on to them quickly. This allows us to be open to the fertility of the universe, which rabbit symbolizes.

Many people see the Rabbit as fearful, which challenges you to face your fears in order to grow, but to do so with "gentleness" , as the Rabbit does.

Rabbits are also friends of the Faerie Realm. Many a human have followed Rabbit straight into the Enchanting Lands of the Fae.

The Rabbit Whisperer comes to be your guide in the Rabbit Kingdom, a gentle loving guide, who brings a sweet and delicate presence.

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