Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Divine Feminine and Creative Inspiration

Where do you go to when you are connecting with your Inspiration? When you need that fresh flow of ideas that results in a burning desire to put everything  else aside and grab your brush or put the clay on the table, what was your spark?
I can get those little energetic pulses from all of the usual places; nature, reading poetry, listening to music, but my main source that it always comes down to is the Divine Feminine. Those women that came before us, the ancestors and deities, that's what lies at the heart of most of the work I create.
(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

I connect with their stories, their history, their strength, and their passion. They are reminders to me of perseverance, creation, compassion, strength, and to embrace our own abilities to make a difference in the world.
(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

Beyond the historical women, it breaks down in simplicity ~ The Divine Feminine. This is what creates the intricate fabric of our being, the complexities that make us complete, and the balance of strong yet gentle.
Different cultures and different religions, have a name for this presence ~ Gaia, Kuan Yin,  Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Diana the Huntress,Saraswati,  Mother Mary, Mother Earth, Venus of Willendorf, or Isis...the list is long.

(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

It is within this deep connection that I draw my inspiration and use that energy to help empower others through my artwork.


(The Statues mentioned above are just a very very few of the beautiful statues at Brookgreen Gardens. To get more information about the Gardens you can visit their site )

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