Thursday, February 17, 2011

Danu the Bellydancing Mermaid ~ OOAK Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Being enchanted by Mermaids and their Lore, inspired my lastest creation of the Bellydancing Mermaid ~ Danu.

Danu is the first Bellydancer Mermaid..a crusader in the Seas. She is so attuned to the Rhthyms of the Ocean, the Beat of the Current, that she can not contain herself from the Dance. The flow of her movements
coincide with the movement of the currents, and her Dance delights all of her neighbor Ocean Dwellers.

Danu is approximately 11 inches tall. She is an OOAK, Original One of a Kind Art Doll. Her body is designed from Batik fabric that is hand stitched. Her face is sculpted of Prosculpt Clay and them handpainted with layers of Acrylics to give it depth. She is adorned with a Metal Bauble Waistlet, and she holds a Seahorse in one hand and a Shell in the other. A light Beaded and Metal Pendant necklace graces her neck. Her  shawl has small bells that jingle when she does her dance, with one attached to the tip of her tail as well. She is attached to a wooden base for display that is signed and dated by me, and has sea shells attached to it.


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