Friday, September 2, 2011

Creating in the Solitude

The past week has been a more quiet and focused week by my choosing. With lots of things on my plate between Life and my Art, I needed to have some quiet time to straighten things out.

In those quiet moments, while contemplating Life on Life's terms...I spent time creating.
Some of the smaller works that were completed were some small Art Doll Ornaments and Wall Hangers.

Anita of the Oak Grove ~ Art Doll Wall Hanger

Anita was inspired by a sketch after spending time in the nearby woods. Imagining what kind of wee Fae you would find there, came the sketch of Anita. She's very shy and inhabits a patch of wild flowers sitting under a large Oak tree.

Jenny Blue Mermaid Art Doll Hanger by Jeanne Fry

Folk Art Guardian Angel Art Doll Ornament
She Loved Flowers so much...she BECAME one

Dragonfly Wisp Art Doll Pin
Clarissa Mermaid of the Nova Scotia Waters

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