Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jillian Frost an OOAK Winter Elf Art Doll of Gourd and Clay

I had taken a break for a few weeks from creating Art Dolls so that I could paint, but delved back in for the holidays. Of course my creations don't focus on Santa Claus or Snowmen, but rather on olde stories, lore, and tall tales. Most of them revolve around the woodlands, my favorite part of nature.
Coming back to the studio first produced Jillian Frost. Jillian Frost is a Winter Elf, a gourd and clay art doll.This OOAK figurative sculpture is filled with Woodland elements.

The Story of Jillian Frost
Jillian Frost, a Winter Elf, has arrived in town for the Holidays. Jillian is a mild mannered Elf, tender and caring, and watches over the woodland animals during the long cold days of Winter. She helps the wee ones find warm homes to shelter them and directs them to where they can find food. The birds especially will flock to Jillian, for they can sense her authentic compassion. She allows the winged ones to come into her home and perch on the holiday tree. They build small nests and string popcorn garland on the tall spruce tree, while she bakes cookies in the oven.

Jillian knows what old Jack Frost is up to and when he will be bringing the Frost and frigid temperatures. She is always one step ahead of him, hurrying the woodland animals to their safe havens. Grandma Jillian is most loved in the Woodlands.
Every evening the woodland animals (squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and other wee ones) will gather around Jillian as she tells them stories. They love this time of day when Jillian will spin a story and share with them a snack of gathered nuts and fresh baked bread.

(When Jillian hadn't been adopted after her holiday creation she was packed away, and in a sense had gotten lost in the archives. Now upon her reappearance, she has gotten a makeover and is ready once again to find a new home.)


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