Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Story of Lady of the Wood, gourd art sculpture

The Lady of the Wood is not often seen, but her presence can be felt when you are strolling  in the forest. During those moments of long walks and soul searching, she watches over  seekers (those that are on a quest for peace and perspective). She knows that her land is more than a geographic coordinate, it's a journey, and while seekers visit she offers them serenity, a new outlook, a chance to breathe easy.
Lady of the Wood by Jeanne Fry

She listens even when words are not said, and knows that the gifts she offers are of high value. For truly, what is more important than soothing another soul? The world can often be harsh, and she has chosen to be a friend to all who need comfort.

Gourd Art Sculpture by Jeanne Fry

She asks for very little in return for the nurturing she provides...only that you arrive with honesty in your heart and respect for the woods and those who inhabit it.

So the next time you venture on your walk...remember that the Lady of the Wood is present, listening, and loving.

Lady of the Wood