Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nissa the Gnome from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

Nissa the Gnome lives on the edges of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. She is one of the happiest gnomes you could ever meet, and because of that is a sort of guide. When the tourists come to town (the leaf lookers) as they are called, she will come out... especially when they seem lost.
Nissa the Gnome from the Blue Ridge Mountains
When a visitor is getting hungry and looking for a diner, or a place to lay there head down at night...Nissa will appear and whisper suggestions in the wind for them to hear. She wants everyone who visits her mountains to fall in love with them as she has, so she makes sure that they can find everything they need to be comfortable and and content.She will often have brochures tucked in her pocket and will sneak and place them within a visitor's reach so that they can find an abundance of beauty while here. I suppose she is the best little travel agent in the forest.
Gnome Art Doll Ornament
Felt Gnome Art Doll Ornament

Mrs. Ellette Autumn, a gnome in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Mrs. Ellette Autumn, is a gnome originally from Llangenny,Wales who now resides in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Ellette is a domestic gnome goddess...taking wonderful care of her family and creating a beautiful home that always smells as if cookies just came out of the oven.
Mrs. Ellette Autumn, a gnome from Spruce Pine, NC
 During her days she checks in on her elderly neighbors, tends the gardens, and rummages through tons of cookbooks finding new and exciting recipes to delight the kids with (who can tend to be picky eaters)...and finally in the evenings when the children have gone to bed, she and her husband spend their evenings sipping cocoa, holding hands, and star gazing.
Ellette Autumn Gnome Art Doll Ornament


Radella the Listener Red Haired Gnome from North Wales

Radella Gnome resides in Colwyn Bay, which is in Conwy, North Wales. Her personality is much like her town, filled with beauty. Radella, since a child, was always an excellent listener, and anyone speaking to her knew that she was as captivated with their words as they were with her raving red hair and sweet eyes.
Radella the Listener Gnome Art Doll Ornament
 When she grew older it was of course a natural choice that she became a counselor so that she could truly help those that came to share their story with her. She emits serenity, healing, and love to those around her and she is admired by all that meet her. She is often found on the seaside and is always ready to share a story.
Radella the Listener Gnome Art Doll Ornament

Aludra Star Art Beaded Art Doll Ornament

What would you do if there was nothing stopping you? What could you accomplish if you didn't know the word "couldn't" ? Just ask Aludra of the smallest little stars who is part of the Canis Major constellation. She lives on the edges of the constellation, her family, and some would probably ignore her existence. What can one little star do in the Universe?
Aludra Star Art Doll Ornament
Well, Miss Aludra Star shines brighter than the Sun...truly she does. How can that possibly be? Quite simply, because no one told her that she couldn't. Her heart and spirit are as big as the sky and it radiates through her, around her, and lights the world for others. THAT's what one little star can do. (She inspires us to do the same)
Aludra Star an Art Doll Ornament


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Her Treasured Memories Shabby Chic Art Doll

"She holds close to her heart moments in time that are special and endearing...memories of her grandmothers, her mother, her sisters, and loves. She holds these close and is grateful for the lessons she learned and the growth that she experienced, for these are all the things that made her the woman she is today, and she loves to share them...Her Treasured Memories."
Her Treasured Memories Shabby Chic Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
"Her Treasured Memories" is a cloth art doll with that vintage look of the feminine. Designed to display on a wall with a special loop on her back, she captures memories from the past. At 12 inches tall, she is hand stitched from batik fabrics with a batik fabric wrap with a tribal design to represent wisdom from ancient ones from her family. A trim of cream colored fabric flowers wraps around her waist and on her chest, along with a white satin beaded trim that wraps around her hair. Over top of her head and shoulders is gold colored organza. Her skirts holds memories..charms of a clock, tea pot, tea cup, flowers, as well as an old key. More room is available on her skirt for you to add more charms to her skirt of memories. Her face is created from clay and painted and antiqued with acrylics. She is a vision of sweetness and beauty to add to your space to remind you of the treasured past.
Charms on Shabby Chic Art Doll
Her Treasured Memories Art Doll Wall Hanger by Jeanne Fry
Shabby Chic Art Doll

(My art dolls are meant for adult collectors and not as children's toys)

Her Treasured Memories

Monday, September 24, 2012

Marla Gnome the Flower Shoppe Keeper

Marla the Gnome has a cute little shop in her woodland community where she sells cut flowers from her garden. You can always find her at her shoppe under the blackberry bush where she has bundles of flowers wrapped in handmade papers and tied with ribbon
Marla Gnome the Flower Shoppe Keeper
 She always know just the right flower that will brighten some one's day and suggests certain bouquets to the men gnomes who are looking for gifts for their love. She takes evening walks in the woods gathering wild flowers to add to her bouquets, and leaves a trail of petals wherever she walks.

Marla Gnome Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry

Marla is an art doll ornament that is hand stitched from felt. She wears a light brown skirt and light blue shoulder wrap with a red fabric leaf, green fabric leaf, and grey dried flowers that adorn it. Her hair is yarn fibers that flows about in waves under her brilliant red cap. Her face is clay and painted with acrylics. A leather loop is attached to her back to hang as an ornament. Marla measures 10 inches tall.


Bea the Woodland Gnome and Chipmunk Keeper

Every woodland gnome in the forest has a particular job, a job that keeps the families together and the forest running smoothly. Bea spends her time as the Chipmunk Keeper. Now some may not think this is very important job, but to the is a sacred job to the little animals that run in the forest.
Bea the Woodland Gnome
Bea watches over the chipmunks and helps them conceal the entrances to their burrow homes. She visits their homes each day, covering them with leaves and flowers creating their camouflage.
She loves to play with the little ones, who run and scamper so quickly, and she herself has learned the skill of swiftness in her movements.
Bea the Woodland Gnome, the Chipmunk Keeper by Jeanne Fry

"Bea" the Woodland Gnome is an art doll ornament created from felt and clay by Jeanne Fry. Her body is hand stitched of felt, wearing a deep brown skirt and light brown shoulder wrap. Her skirt and wrap are adorned with silk fabric leaves and a leaf garland runs down the side of her skirt. Her face is clay and painted with acrylics, with hand dyed wool roving that creates her hairdo. She wears a red cap with a flower and dried botanicals on the front. A leather loop is attached to her back to hang as an ornament. Bea measures 13 inches tall.

Serendipity Brought to Form

I have always been delighted by serendipitous moments, when your dreams are confirmed, those happy little surprises, and you know that things are working out as they should.
 This is what inspired my latest art doll, named of course ~ Serendipity.
Serendipity Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Serendipity is the sweet little spirit that arranges those serendipitous messages that come to us throughout our days...the messages that are confirmations to us that we are on the right path. During those moments when we question our own instincts and wonder if things are "right", she creates those little messages that appear in unexpected places, reminding us to trust our intuition.
Cloth Beaded Art Doll
She is a reassuring little being, that offers a confident and relaxed persona, and extends that energy when she is near.
(Serendipity is an art doll that is hand stitched and beaded. Her body is created from rich blue batik fabric that is hand stitched and beaded down the arm and around the ankle with auburn and amber seed beads. She wears a wrap around skirt and a gauze type scarf in reds and oranges. Around her neck she wears a silver key that has the word "Life" stamped in it. Her face is made of clay and painted with shades of cream and periwinkle blue. Hand dyed wool roving creates her beautiful hair in shades of magenta, browns, and highlights of amber with some simple beading that adorns it. Seated in a relaxed and casual position, she measures 7 inches tall with her leg extending 9 inches.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Katrina Maize the Crystal Healer Spirit Doll

I'd like to introduce to you a new friend...a bounty of beauty in a small package. Her name is Katrina Maize and she is a crystal healer.
Katrina Maize the Crystal Healer Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry
She comes from a very distant, remote, and private island in European waters where she grew up learning everything there is to know about crystals and gemstones. As a child, you would never see Katrina without gemstones with her, most often her pockets were stuffed with them.
Crystal Healer with Citrine Druz Crystal
 As she grew older she learned how to use them in healing, realizing how powerful these beauties from nature could be. She collects her rocks from all over the Earth, but she is always willing to share her treasures...she always has just the right one to give as a gift to someone who needs a little love in their day.

(This cloth and clay art doll is a Crystal Healer named Katrina Maize. Katrina is completely hand stitched from a vibrant print fabric and sculpted into a seated position. Her face is clay, painted, and sealed. Her hair is hand dyed wool fibers that is intricately placed and swept back and adorned with gemstones. In her hands she holds several gemstones of rutilated quartz, carnelian, and green aventurine. She wears a small black velour mini skirt that is beaded up the side with carnelian and green aventurine. On her left knee sits a citrine druz crystal cluster. Katrina is approximately 6 inches tall, rich and divine. Her lap is a perfect place for you to place even more of your own crystals.)