Monday, September 24, 2012

Bea the Woodland Gnome and Chipmunk Keeper

Every woodland gnome in the forest has a particular job, a job that keeps the families together and the forest running smoothly. Bea spends her time as the Chipmunk Keeper. Now some may not think this is very important job, but to the is a sacred job to the little animals that run in the forest.
Bea the Woodland Gnome
Bea watches over the chipmunks and helps them conceal the entrances to their burrow homes. She visits their homes each day, covering them with leaves and flowers creating their camouflage.
She loves to play with the little ones, who run and scamper so quickly, and she herself has learned the skill of swiftness in her movements.
Bea the Woodland Gnome, the Chipmunk Keeper by Jeanne Fry

"Bea" the Woodland Gnome is an art doll ornament created from felt and clay by Jeanne Fry. Her body is hand stitched of felt, wearing a deep brown skirt and light brown shoulder wrap. Her skirt and wrap are adorned with silk fabric leaves and a leaf garland runs down the side of her skirt. Her face is clay and painted with acrylics, with hand dyed wool roving that creates her hairdo. She wears a red cap with a flower and dried botanicals on the front. A leather loop is attached to her back to hang as an ornament. Bea measures 13 inches tall.

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