Monday, September 24, 2012

Marla Gnome the Flower Shoppe Keeper

Marla the Gnome has a cute little shop in her woodland community where she sells cut flowers from her garden. You can always find her at her shoppe under the blackberry bush where she has bundles of flowers wrapped in handmade papers and tied with ribbon
Marla Gnome the Flower Shoppe Keeper
 She always know just the right flower that will brighten some one's day and suggests certain bouquets to the men gnomes who are looking for gifts for their love. She takes evening walks in the woods gathering wild flowers to add to her bouquets, and leaves a trail of petals wherever she walks.

Marla Gnome Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry

Marla is an art doll ornament that is hand stitched from felt. She wears a light brown skirt and light blue shoulder wrap with a red fabric leaf, green fabric leaf, and grey dried flowers that adorn it. Her hair is yarn fibers that flows about in waves under her brilliant red cap. Her face is clay and painted with acrylics. A leather loop is attached to her back to hang as an ornament. Marla measures 10 inches tall.


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