Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Story of Drunken Rose Clay Art Doll Sculpted in Glass Bottle

Drunken Rose is a clay art doll that was sculpted within a glass rose water bottle. I collected this bottle a few years ago, and it sat in my studio waiting to be transformed. My great love of flowers and herbs has always been with me from childhood, urging me each year to keep gardens. I could spend hours in the garden or at a plant nursery, running my fingers through the herbs to release their scent, and creating bouquets of flowers. The therapeutic value of the aromatherapy that is offered from them makes one forget their worries and bring such comfort. When I'm in a garden, I can forget everything else, and just the peace.
This feeling is what inspired Drunken Rose.
Drunken Rose, Clay Sculpted Wisdom Keeper Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Rose spent every afternoon in her garden. She would wake at 4am, shower, and with coffee cup in hand would spend half her day writing. She was a well known poet, but she was known just as importantly for her gardens.  From Spring until Fall everyone knew that Rose would eat her lunch and immediately retreat to her gardens, rain or shine. Here she found her inspirations, here was her passion. She would lovingly plant, weed, prune, and tend every sprig of life in the rich soil. The breeze would permeate the air with the luxurious scent from the rose bushes that lined her oasis, making her feel and be the beauty that she herself was, and always appreciate the beauty around her. It was an ecstasy for Rose, luring her back each day. This is how she became Drunken Rose, intoxicated with the beauty of life and the magnificence of being Happy.
Drunken Rose, Clay Sculpted Art Doll within a Glass Bottle by Jeanne Fry
Drunk Rose, Clay Sculpted Art Doll Back View Photo
Drunken Rose is a clay sculpted art doll within a Rose Water Glass Bottle. Inside the bottle are blue paper roses. She wears a colorful shawl around her shoulders and  is adorned with leaf vine and burlap. 
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