Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Believe" a Gourd and Clay contemporary folk art sculpted Art Doll

We all have those moments when we think that the fulfillment of our dreams is so far away. We try so hard to reach for those stars. Sometimes we make some gain, and then there are moments when we feel like we took ten steps backward. 
"Believe" is hear to remind you that you must visualize your dream, keep it at the forefront of your mind, and "believe" it will come to fruition. 
"Believe" a contemporary folk art gourd and clay sculpture by Jeanne Fry

Negative thoughts and feelings of despair will hold you back even longer, but when you take a moment and close your eyes and see your dream coming true....the Universe hears your request and soon you will have some assistance. She reminds you to stay aware, for answers may be right under your nose. 
There is always a way.
The Universe is abundant and able to provide for all of your wants and needs. One needs only to be open and believe.

"Believe" is a gourd and clay contemporary folk art sculpture.


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