Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Chrysalis of a Woman - Symbolic Growth of a Woman and a Butterfly

Women, strong yet delicate, are much life the Butterfly. Our spirits are constantly evolving through the different stages of being, like the metamorphosis of a monarch. The ability of being "nurturers"  allow us to embrace our changes and immerse into every complicated and beautiful moment of them. This process of personal growth inspired my new sculpted creation, titled "The Chrysalis of a Woman". The symbolism was written as a letter from "Mother Butterfly" to the woman as she emerges from her cocoon.

Welcome dear one,
Welcome to You. I've been watching over your metamorphosis for a long long while. I've stood by your side when you have lost your way, and motivated you when you became discouraged. And here you Are !
Underneath that cocoon, seemingly a security blanket but truly an illusion, is the beautiful brilliant authentic You. Shedding each of those layers that protected you while you were transforming was not always easy, I know.
As you open your eyes for the first time it may appear that you are in the same place, but trust me dearest, you are not. This is Your World and you can now Fly. Now your eyes see what is truly important, your heart feels with surety the directions in which you will travel, and most importantly your wings know no bounds. 
Fly sweetest, and enjoy every breathtaking and magical moment.
In Divine Love,
Mother Butterfly
"Chrysalis of a Woman" is an OOAK Gourd and Clay Sculpted Art Doll, a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll collection. She is listed in my Etsy shop where you can learn more about her creation and adopt her if she resonates with your soul.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Andromeda Star Being, a Contemporary Folk Spirit Doll from the We All See the Same Moon painting

Recently I created a new canvas painting titled "We All See the Same Moon". This painting was symbolically important to me, speaking of seeing past our differences and the things that divide us,
in order to bond as compassionate humans in peace and love. At this point in the evolution of our human spirits you would think that we would have come much further in our connectedness, but unfortunately we seem to be even more so divided by race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, and disabilities. Hate crimes and intolerance seem to be running rampant in our world, and I wanted to call attention to this in my painting. The symbolism and message within the painting was portrayed profoundly by reminding one through the imagery that "We All See the Same Moon". At our cores we are all the same fragile spirits living an earthly human experience, with the same vulnerabilities and fears, joys and dreams.
The original painting was sold, but the message remained important to me. I then offered it as an Art Print in my Fine Art America studio, but still I wanted its focus to live on. I decided to create, in 3D form, the four star beings in the painting who stand looking up a the Moon.

The first of this series is Andromeda as a Star Being. I suppose I chose this Star Being to be Andromeda because of the historical mythology of Princess Andromeda and how I interpreted it. 
Andromeda's mother, Cassiopeia, boasted often of her daughter's beauty, so much so that she began telling others that her daughter was more beautiful than their own children. Her mother had fostered a jealousy among many that soon became a hatred.  Poseidon, the God of the Sea, was angered by this boastful rivalry and decided to send a sea monster to destroy Andromeda's home lands, and soon Andromeda was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to appease the sea monster. Andromeda's life, an innocent victim of this spiraled hate, was saved by Perseus. 
Andromeda later married Perseus and the two proceeded to have 9 children together. 
At the end of her life, a goddess placed her among the constellations in the sky near Perseus and her mother Cassiopeia. 

The story causes one to look at Ego and Modesty, Boastfulness and Jealousy, Hatred and Indifference. In ancient origin, mother Cassiopeia's boastful  attitude was called hubris, an extreme arrogance by a person in power in order to belittle or shame those they felt were less than.  

Andromeda was a beautiful spirit,  both loved and hated by many because of this beauty. 

The Andromeda Spirit Doll is available in my Etsy shop here

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Seeker - Gazelle Woman Cloth and Clay Figurative Sculpture Art Doll

The Seeker is a young Gazelle woman, carrying both the Inspiration of the Feminine, and the gift of Gazelle Wisdom. She has come of age, a young woman, who is now ready to embark upon her life. She has the freedom to explore and the strength and swiftness to follow her path. The choices available to her are limitless, and it is up to her and her alone to create what her life will now be.
While there is a part of her that wants to find contentment in creating a family and staying in her childhood community, there is a greater part of her that wants to travel and see everything that the world has to offer.
Grandmother Gazelle had known of the young woman's adventurous spirit since she was a small child, and had imparted her with Gazelle wisdom so that when she grew older she would have the ability to release her free spirit  and run with speed and confidence toward her dreams. 
And so she did, with a shoulder bag of maps and a scroll marked with a wish list of destinations.

"The Seeker" is Number One in a collaborative series of artwork being created by myself Jeanne Fry, and by Tarah Singh. This collaboration titled "The Journey of a Woman" is a 2D and 3D project created to explore the many phases of a Woman's Spiritual Journey through Life. Archetypes and Symbolism are fluent throughout each piece representing her evolution. The series is comprised of 2D paintings by Tarah Singh, and 3D Figurative Sculpture Art Dolls by Jeanne Fry.

Figurative Sculpture by Jeanne Fry ~ Original Painting by Tarah Singh

 The Seeker (Original One of A Kind) Cloth and Clay Figurative Sculpture

Friday, July 11, 2014

Blue Dragonfly Art Doll Ornament with Painted Dragonfly Keepsake Box

This past week I wanted to create some small Goddess Art Doll Ornaments that could hang from the window latches of my living room windows that overlook the flower garden. I ended up loving them so much that I created another little collection to offer online.  
Each of them are made of doll making clay and some of them are designed as Dragonfly Goddesses with wings. What I originally thought was going to be a simple project, with no faces or embellishments, quickly became an in depth project. I decided they needed faces, wings, beads, ribbons. The more I added, the more I wanted to add.

One of the actually became a 2 part piece....A small Dragonfly Goddess Ornament in a Painted Dragonfly Keepsake Box.

The wooden box was painted and embellished with organza ribbon and a ceramic dragonfly charm on the lid. A small Art Print of one of my older dragonfly paintings is attached in the bottom of the box. I decided to include the "Smile" Blue Dragonfly Art Doll Ornament with the box. They just seemed meant to be together.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wise Woman Rising - a Gourd Art Sculpture for Empowering the Feminine

Generations have passed, those years anxiously waiting for the Shift of energy, the energy of the Feminine to re-emerge. Not only our individual souls, but the soul of Mother Earth, have been anticipating the space in time when we as women Rise and reclaim our power. 

Mother Earth has waited, and not so patiently, for us to come and Stand with her. The Strength that we as women possess, to watch over, nurture, and make decisions for the highest good is being called to step in and save her from the corruption and greed that ravages her spirit. She also knows that we have had our own inner and outer battles, the battles of claiming and sustaining our own personal power within this "man's world". But, the struggle of working through those lessons has now brought us to that point of readiness. Our perpetual learning over the years about ourselves and our abilities has given birth to our  Wise Woman Warrior, who awaits at the ready to "Stand". 

The Wise Woman has arrived, residing deep in our belly. She carries  a staff of Strength, a strength that keeps us going even in the darkest of days, because we are resilient beings. She holds a balance of the Sun and the Moon, blending an ultimate positive love along with the heart and belief of the mystic. Her Faith in herself and that of the Divine Feminine reassures her that her noble path of inspiring, guiding, and protecting is what she is meant to do. 

The Wise Woman Warrior is here to Stand, as strong as the Oak tree, flexible but unwavering. She stands with you, your family, the friend who needs a shoulder, the stranger who needs kindness, and Mother Earth who needs  repair. 
The Wise Woman Rises, placing one hand in yours while the other hand beckons another "sister". She cries out, the calling to unite us once again.
The Wise Woman Protects, continually letting you know that everything will work out, because the Universe wouldn't treat your authentic spirit in any other way.
The Wise Woman Warrior is You.

Thank you for your Arrival,


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lupus Awareness Art Doll with Butterfly Wings - Keeping the Spirit Strong

"Lupa" is a very special butterfly spirit. As in this world all lovely butterflies have predators, the most important one that Lupa is concerned with is the one that resides inside her body, in fact IS her body. This one is invisible and sneaky, lurking about  in search of her vulnerabilities. Without a moment's notice it can attack her, making her frail.
Unlike our responses to other predators, when we are educated on how to protect ourselves, this one remains a mystery. 

Lupa has been living with this predator named Lupus for quite some time. It has robbed her of many things. She can't flutter about the way she used to with her Butterfly community. She has a lot of pain and tires easily, forcing her to find safe places to rest often. She has to be very careful about what she eats and where she plays, especially in the Sun...which wears her out quickly. 
Many of her friends don't understand the changes in her, for she looks "normal", and so her circle of friends has grown smaller. 

But, Lupa has a Spirit made of steel. She unfolds her wings every morning and begins again, living her life in the best way that she can. Her spirit shines through, for she is adamant that her Soul remain protected from this predator. Her best defense is Love....the love that she gives her self, which is the most important  medicine in the Universe.
So, even though Lupa seems a "frail" butterfly, she is in reality... the Strongest.
(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry

Lupa is a handmade Cloth and Clay Art Doll by Jeanne Fry. She was created to bring understanding and Lupus Awareness. 
She is available for adoption and is listed in our Etsy shop here:
Lupus Awareness Art Doll with Butterfly Wings

Monday, May 19, 2014

An Earth Angel to Watch Over Me - Art Doll Pillow Accent

This is a new and different design for my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection. I created this particular "Earth Angel" art doll to be an accent for one's bed pillows. She can be propped against the front of the bed pillows, as if watching over...protecting...and bringing about a peaceful love and guardianship.

I believe in Earth Angels. Recently during some difficult events in my own life, I was shown again the presence of Earth Angels and was inspired in this creation.

The Earth Angel wants you to know:
"You are Divinely Guided in all that you do.
During your darkest days Keep Your Faith.
You are Watched Over and Protected always.
May you always feel the presence of your Guardians."


Solstice Earth Mama Cloth and Clay Art Doll

I realized a few years ago how much my body and spirit needed and relied on the Sun. I had moved to the Northwest for a short time. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I met fabulous people, loved the land, and am grateful that I had the chance to experience its loveliness, but I yearned for the Sun during those rainy winter months. 

 I realized that the Sun changes my outlook on life and inspires me every day. Even if I spend the entire day indoors, it's very presence shining softly through the window is enough to cheer my soul. 
 I created "Solstice" to honor the Sun and what it brings to Mother Earth and to  my life.

This Earth Mama Cloth and Clay art doll is simply a bundle of sunshine and positive love. She wears a small button pin that says "she most heartily enjoyed pursuing life", which does a perfect job at summing up her symbolism. The small gold dragonflies in her hair just whisper a magical smile. 


Her Heart of Wings, a Spirit Doll for Women's Empowerment

Her Heart of Wings - Spirit Doll for Women's Empowerment

There are days, we all have them, when you just feel stuck in the world. It can seem as if there are no open doors in the long hallway that we pace. This feeling of  stagnancy can nag at our spirit, making us question our journey and its purpose. If we stay in that space for too long we can begin to feel trapped, bound, and yearning for freedom.
This is the moment when we can envision her Heart of Wings

She reminds us that our heart has no bounds, but is as limitless as the Universe itself. All one need do is to close their eyes and "see" the heart wings open and gracefully take flight into the world of Possibility and Hope. Slowly, as the wings begin to smoothly glide, your heart reaches back and whispers to your mind...who you are, why you are here, and pulls away the veil of fear. The flight of freedom now fills the spirit with confidence, a knowing, and optimism. 
It slowly comes back to delicately land in the hallway, and when the eyes are opened.....the doors of opportunity appear.

The Creation of her Heart of Wings
This Spirit Art Doll is made from Cloth and Clay and each piece of it was hand stitched. The fabric used was a beautiful deep blend of gold, copper, and burnt sienna. She has long legs and shapely hips. A blue and green batik skirt wrap around her with the edges beaded with silver and gold seed beads. A pink and yellow taffeta shoulder wrap grace her shoulders. A red paper butterfly with twine antennae sits upon her chest, symbolic for the "Heart of Wings". A red and bronze colored glass charm with a bird adorns her skirt, representing "flight". Strands of fibers and ribbons are wrapped and tied around her waist and flow gracefully down her side. 
Her face is created from clay and painted with acrylics. Her beautiful blue eyes light up her face which is surrounded by a thick mane of hair made of black fibers with red and yellow strands. An orange ribbon ties her wild hair away from her face. 

This creation is part of the Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection by Jeanne Fry, spirit dolls created for women's empowerment.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Violet the Flower Garden Keeper Folk Art Doll

Violet has a very special and much needed garden. Here her family of violets grow, lush and full, delicate yet strong. The Violets have a very important quest, to help the two legged beings.

 You see, they befriend those that "feel" fragile. They help to boost one's self esteem and encourage one to "be" and share of themselves. They know all about the fears of not being accepted, yet they know the importance of allowing one's authentic self to shine is greater. 
The Violets want you to think of them every time your light goes dim with worries, and allow their beauty to remind you of the beauty of your own spirit ... and let it bloom. 
Violet Flower Garden Keeper Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry

The creation of Violet the Flower Garden Keeper is a Contemporary Folk Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry. She body is hand stitched from fabric while her face is sculpted of clay. You can see more photos and learn more about her in her listing in my Etsy shop here
Violet the Flower Keeper Art Doll on Etsy

Goddess of the Ancient Wisdom and the Alcehmist's Metals

The Goddess of Ancient Wisdom presides over the Alchemist Metals and their symbolism. This Spirit Art Doll was created with each piece of the figurative sculpture being symbolic of the metals and elements. In early Babylonian time, certain metals were associated with planets. 

The Symbolism of Gold and Silver Metals
Gold was known as the metal of Sun. Gold wire trim adorns the Goddess's hair, is within the print on her fabric, and a metal and glass sun embellishment is held in her hands. The Gold is symbolic for Achievement.

Silver was knows as the metal of the Moon. Silver charms and chain adorn this Goddess, along with silver being within the design on her fabric. The Silver is symbolic for the Feminine and Intuition. 

The Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
My intention was to bring in these 4 elements into her creation. I used a wooden base to secure her on to symbolize Earth, to represent balance, grounding, and a firm foundation. I crafted the silk ribbon and wire trim in her hair in a flowing fashion to represent Air, to stand for flowing, movement, and the ability to adapt to change. The bronze toned sun rays represent Fire, for creativity, inspiration, and activity. The swirls in her fabric and metal charms is representative for Water, for emotions and matters of the heart.

She reminds of the quest for the elixir of life.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time To Fly - A Women's Empowerment Cloth and Clay Spirit Doll

Darling, It's Time To Fly. You have been waiting for so long to do things for yourself. Years have gone by while you have put everyone else's needs before your own. The lists of things you do each day and the endless responsibilities have left you with no time for you to explore your dreams.

Your inner child desires to come out and play. The painter, the dreamer, the dancer, the poet, the gardener, the artist, the singer...they are waiting to be expressed. If you wait too long, you will forget them and they will be lost. 

Do you remember those moments when you were a little girl? When you would run outside and dance wildly in the rain? When you would take a paintbrush and paint flowers on the walls because it made you smile? When you would sit under a tree and write poetry that came straight from your heart? When eating dinner could wait because you were deep in play?

Darling, It's Time To Fly. It's time to spread your wings and live your life for you. It's time to be whole again. It's time for You.

"Time to Fly" is a Cloth and Clay Contemporary Folk Art Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry. 
She measures 16 inches in length and has a loop sewn on the back of her shoulders so that she can be displayed as a Wall Hanger.