Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goddess of the Ancient Wisdom and the Alcehmist's Metals

The Goddess of Ancient Wisdom presides over the Alchemist Metals and their symbolism. This Spirit Art Doll was created with each piece of the figurative sculpture being symbolic of the metals and elements. In early Babylonian time, certain metals were associated with planets. 

The Symbolism of Gold and Silver Metals
Gold was known as the metal of Sun. Gold wire trim adorns the Goddess's hair, is within the print on her fabric, and a metal and glass sun embellishment is held in her hands. The Gold is symbolic for Achievement.

Silver was knows as the metal of the Moon. Silver charms and chain adorn this Goddess, along with silver being within the design on her fabric. The Silver is symbolic for the Feminine and Intuition. 

The Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
My intention was to bring in these 4 elements into her creation. I used a wooden base to secure her on to symbolize Earth, to represent balance, grounding, and a firm foundation. I crafted the silk ribbon and wire trim in her hair in a flowing fashion to represent Air, to stand for flowing, movement, and the ability to adapt to change. The bronze toned sun rays represent Fire, for creativity, inspiration, and activity. The swirls in her fabric and metal charms is representative for Water, for emotions and matters of the heart.

She reminds of the quest for the elixir of life.


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