Monday, May 19, 2014

Her Heart of Wings, a Spirit Doll for Women's Empowerment

Her Heart of Wings - Spirit Doll for Women's Empowerment

There are days, we all have them, when you just feel stuck in the world. It can seem as if there are no open doors in the long hallway that we pace. This feeling of  stagnancy can nag at our spirit, making us question our journey and its purpose. If we stay in that space for too long we can begin to feel trapped, bound, and yearning for freedom.
This is the moment when we can envision her Heart of Wings

She reminds us that our heart has no bounds, but is as limitless as the Universe itself. All one need do is to close their eyes and "see" the heart wings open and gracefully take flight into the world of Possibility and Hope. Slowly, as the wings begin to smoothly glide, your heart reaches back and whispers to your mind...who you are, why you are here, and pulls away the veil of fear. The flight of freedom now fills the spirit with confidence, a knowing, and optimism. 
It slowly comes back to delicately land in the hallway, and when the eyes are opened.....the doors of opportunity appear.

The Creation of her Heart of Wings
This Spirit Art Doll is made from Cloth and Clay and each piece of it was hand stitched. The fabric used was a beautiful deep blend of gold, copper, and burnt sienna. She has long legs and shapely hips. A blue and green batik skirt wrap around her with the edges beaded with silver and gold seed beads. A pink and yellow taffeta shoulder wrap grace her shoulders. A red paper butterfly with twine antennae sits upon her chest, symbolic for the "Heart of Wings". A red and bronze colored glass charm with a bird adorns her skirt, representing "flight". Strands of fibers and ribbons are wrapped and tied around her waist and flow gracefully down her side. 
Her face is created from clay and painted with acrylics. Her beautiful blue eyes light up her face which is surrounded by a thick mane of hair made of black fibers with red and yellow strands. An orange ribbon ties her wild hair away from her face. 

This creation is part of the Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection by Jeanne Fry, spirit dolls created for women's empowerment.


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