Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wise Woman Rising - a Gourd Art Sculpture for Empowering the Feminine

Generations have passed, those years anxiously waiting for the Shift of energy, the energy of the Feminine to re-emerge. Not only our individual souls, but the soul of Mother Earth, have been anticipating the space in time when we as women Rise and reclaim our power. 

Mother Earth has waited, and not so patiently, for us to come and Stand with her. The Strength that we as women possess, to watch over, nurture, and make decisions for the highest good is being called to step in and save her from the corruption and greed that ravages her spirit. She also knows that we have had our own inner and outer battles, the battles of claiming and sustaining our own personal power within this "man's world". But, the struggle of working through those lessons has now brought us to that point of readiness. Our perpetual learning over the years about ourselves and our abilities has given birth to our  Wise Woman Warrior, who awaits at the ready to "Stand". 

The Wise Woman has arrived, residing deep in our belly. She carries  a staff of Strength, a strength that keeps us going even in the darkest of days, because we are resilient beings. She holds a balance of the Sun and the Moon, blending an ultimate positive love along with the heart and belief of the mystic. Her Faith in herself and that of the Divine Feminine reassures her that her noble path of inspiring, guiding, and protecting is what she is meant to do. 

The Wise Woman Warrior is here to Stand, as strong as the Oak tree, flexible but unwavering. She stands with you, your family, the friend who needs a shoulder, the stranger who needs kindness, and Mother Earth who needs  repair. 
The Wise Woman Rises, placing one hand in yours while the other hand beckons another "sister". She cries out, the calling to unite us once again.
The Wise Woman Protects, continually letting you know that everything will work out, because the Universe wouldn't treat your authentic spirit in any other way.
The Wise Woman Warrior is You.

Thank you for your Arrival,


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