Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Chrysalis of a Woman - Symbolic Growth of a Woman and a Butterfly

Women, strong yet delicate, are much life the Butterfly. Our spirits are constantly evolving through the different stages of being, like the metamorphosis of a monarch. The ability of being "nurturers"  allow us to embrace our changes and immerse into every complicated and beautiful moment of them. This process of personal growth inspired my new sculpted creation, titled "The Chrysalis of a Woman". The symbolism was written as a letter from "Mother Butterfly" to the woman as she emerges from her cocoon.

Welcome dear one,
Welcome to You. I've been watching over your metamorphosis for a long long while. I've stood by your side when you have lost your way, and motivated you when you became discouraged. And here you Are !
Underneath that cocoon, seemingly a security blanket but truly an illusion, is the beautiful brilliant authentic You. Shedding each of those layers that protected you while you were transforming was not always easy, I know.
As you open your eyes for the first time it may appear that you are in the same place, but trust me dearest, you are not. This is Your World and you can now Fly. Now your eyes see what is truly important, your heart feels with surety the directions in which you will travel, and most importantly your wings know no bounds. 
Fly sweetest, and enjoy every breathtaking and magical moment.
In Divine Love,
Mother Butterfly
"Chrysalis of a Woman" is an OOAK Gourd and Clay Sculpted Art Doll, a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll collection. She is listed in my Etsy shop where you can learn more about her creation and adopt her if she resonates with your soul.