Friday, May 22, 2015

The Arrival - a New Poetry Art Doll

While I offer "The Arrival" Poetry Art Dolls as a Made to Order creation, this week I created one that is available now, done in soft earthy colors. Her colors are in burnt orange, terracotta, brown, sage green, and soft pinks. A brilliant deep turquoise butterfly sits on her torso, while small paper flowers and ribbons adorn her skirt. 
She is accompanied with a copy of my original poem that inspired her creation. 

The Arrival

"It took me all of my life to get to this moment...

This moment of surety in my being

This moment of reliance in my capabilities

This moment of loving who I am.

It took me all of my life...

To shed the feeling of inadequacy

To shed the pressure of trying to measure up

To shed the relenting voice that I had to do more to compensate.

It took me all of my life to get to this moment...

This moment of relief

Relief from the thoughts that I had to do for everyone else first

Relief from the oppressive weight that I was responsible for others

And take responsibility for the gentle child that lived within.

It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..

When instead of being the muse for them, I became the muse for ME

Whispering ideas of inspiration into the many layers of my own soul

It took me all of my life to arrive at this moment..

This moment when I am the cheerleader for myself

When I carry an extraordinary pride of who I am and what I stand for

When I share all the parts of me without fear.

It took me all of my life...

All of my life to arrive at this moment

When my heart and voice have connected and are able to speak a graceful truth...

It took me all of my life to get here...

Right here at This Moment."

 (c) Copyright Jeanne Fry

This particular "Arrival" Poetry Art Doll has been SOLD, but you can have a custom one created just for you. Visit my Indiemade shop to learn more about having an "Arrival" Art Doll for yourself - here:
Custom Made to Order "Arrival" Poetry Art Doll on Indiemade by Jeanne Fry Art

Happy Thoughts - Beaded Folk Art Doll

Whenever you need to shake the blues or chase away the fears, "Happy Thoughts" brings a ray of sunshine to your spirit and helps to calm the soul. Sometimes we need that little reminder that we aren't alone in this big world. Our minds can get hyper focused on our fears, and soon those negative thoughts can run rampant. Left unchecked our fears can distract us so much that we miss the little miracles that surround us. 

"Happy Thoughts" was created as a simple little boost of positive energy, a wee cheerleader of sorts, reminding us we are loved, we are supported, and we can achieve our dreams.
Everything about this little one just brings a smile to the face.
She is a wonderful spirit doll to carry with you, keep in your tote bag, on your desk, in your car, or near your bedside as a reminder that Everything will be Okay. 

You can learn more about her in my Etsy shop here

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Penelope Pumpernickel the Social Butterfly - Art Doll Ornament

Penelope Pumpernickel, the social butterfly of her community, hosts her early evening gathering of friends every day at 4pm. She is detail oriented, creating a beautiful space for all of her friends who stop by. She lays out sweet little crystal glasses filled with watermelon wine, tiny squares of pumpernickel bread, and trays of sliced fruit. Bouquets of flowers line the walkway to her porch, manned by the Dragonfly sisters who act as her greeters when her quests arrive.  They lovingly pass out hugs and kisses to the Damselflies, Luna Moths, Dragonflies, and entire Butterfly Kingdom who arrive promptly between 4 and 4:15. 

Penelope knows ALL of the hot gossip in town, which is usually focused on who is dating who and the latest bling that all of the butterfly ladies are sporting. She does tend to get a bit tipsy as the evening passes, so if you see a sparkly butterfly who seems to be floating and fluttering through the air in a sporadic fashion, it’s most probably Penelope.  

Penelope is a Handmade Cloth and Clay Art Doll Ornament, a part of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Collection. She is hand stitched from a rich green and fuchsia colored fabric and filled with a polyfil stuffing. Her face is created from doll making clay and painted in an antiqued style with earthy colors, then sealed with a satin finish. Her hair is made from long strands of metallic thread and fiber ribbon and hangs down long under her head wrap that matches her body fabric. A small gold colored butterfly charm is attached on the front of her head wrap. An ivy green curly ribbon becomes her shoulder wrap and is tied off on the side. Petite gold seed beads adorn the bottom of her body. A pair of hot pink and gold butterfly wings is attached to her back, highlighting the colors in her fabric.
She measures approximately 6 inches in height and 6 inches in width. A fabric loop is sewn onto the back of her head wrap for display hanging. 

 She is listed in my Indiemade shop here 

© Copyright Jeanne Fry   All Rights Reserved
Thank you for visiting my online gallery.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Does anyone hear my wishes? Celeste Starburst the Wish Keeper does..

It has been so so very long since I have posted here on my Wisdom Keeper blog, and I must change that, for certainly I have been creating them continually. This week as I was sitting and doing a little prayer, I wondered....are my wishes being heard?
And, then came the creation of "Celeste Starburst", an itty bitty Wish Keeper.

Celeste was created to be your wish keeper. Tell her all of your wishes, big and small, and she will deliver them to the Universe. She reminds you that you deserve the best in life and to never give up on your dreams, for they are just a moment away.
We so often think of our goals and wishes within certain parameters of what we “think” would be possible. When we do that, we begin to put restrictions on our dreams. Our possibilities in life are bountiful, if we allow them to be.

Celeste is available in my Indiemade shop here, where you can see more photos of her in her quest to find her forever home.