Friday, June 12, 2015

A Miniature Beaded Folk Art Doll named Aster - a perfect Wedding Gift for a New Bride

June is known for weddings, and while my artwork does not necessarily focus on weddings, I definitely create symbolic art that often focuses on Love and creating the world we wish to live in. Recently while I was in the process of creating some miniature folk art dolls, my Wisdom Keepers, the word "Aster" popped into my head. When researching the Aster flower, I learned that it is symbolic for luck in love. I knew then that this particular little Wisdom Keeper would be a perfect wedding gift for a new bride, symbolic for luck in love. 

Aster a Handmade Beaded Miniature Folk Art Doll for Luck in Love

She carries a sweet energy, optimistic and happy, and also can reflect the giving of something "blue", as those colors run throughout her beadwork and fabric. 
She comes with a small art doll tag that tells of her symbolism and is placed inside a white and silver organza gift bag before she is wrapped.

Handmade Beaded Folk Art Doll Wedding Gift for Bride

Aster, the Miniature Beaded Folk Art Doll, is listed in my Etsy shop here

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