Saturday, July 18, 2015

Considering my Art Dolls as members of my Wisdom Keeper Family

Over the years I've been asked many times if I keep any of my Wisdom Keeper Art Doll creations, and if it is hard putting them up for sale because of a sense of attachment. 
To the first part of the question...I keep very few of my creations. I could probably count on one hand the number of Wisdom Keepers I have kept in my realm. The ones that I have kept marked a significance for me, symbolic of growth as an artist or growth as a woman. Do I have favorites? Yes, but they change over time like my own sense of being. 
One Wisdom Keeper that I have kept holds a special place in my heart, although I have to say I don't even quite remember the name I titled her with. To me she represented Magic, the magic and beauty  of being a woman, being able to manifest, and a sense of whimsy. While many of my art dolls could reflect that same thing, this one was different....she had Toes ! 10 glorious toes !As an amputee, this was special to me because as I created each toe and painted the nails, it was as if I was doing so for myself. 
Clay Sculpted Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

While I love each of the art dolls for their own special attributes and what their symbolism means to me, I don't feel a great sense of attachment for I feel that their being is meant for someone else to begin with. 

Another Wisdom Keeper that was special to me was my first commissioned piece. I have to say that creating a commissioned art doll is far more gratifying and special, because during that creative process I feel that I am connecting energetically with the recipient, and the Wisdom Keeper itself holds something far more amazing. 
Crow Goddess - Wisdom Keeper Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

I was in love with the Crow Goddess, as she just embodied a sense of peace, wisdom, and mystique. 

When I began creating the Art Dolls with Gourd and Clay, my creativity went wild. I love working with those mediums and found that the ways I could "play" were endless. My senses evolved, feeling like the Cloth and Clay art dolls were symbolic of inward processes and soul work, and the Gourd and Clay art dolls were more reflective of our outward projections of being a woman. In a sense they reflected the symbolism of the new moon and the full moon; the contrasts of the vibrant dancing singing woman of the full moon vs. the quiet reflective poetic woman of the new moon. 

The Storyteller Gourd Wisdom Keeper Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

The "Storyteller" was one of the first Gourd creations, her meaning so special to me, of the importance of passing on the stories and history. 

Ecstasy in Motion - Gourd Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

I then began to explore working with the fluidity of motion within the art dolls. This truly changed something in me as an artist, bringing a sense of deeper connection. 

But no matter the medium or style of creative process, each Wisdom Keeper carries a sense of reverence of being a woman and it is that feeling that I ultimately wish to share with others. 

Someone asked, if one of the Wisdom Keepers were "you', which one would it be?
As an artist I am sure that there is a piece of me within every art doll, but I suppose the one that most reflects how I feel inside......

Peace and Love,

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Traditions in Her Americana Kitchen - Folk Art Doll

She was taught that the heart of a home is it's kitchen, and has spent her life nurturing her kitchen as her creative space...her community space...her family space...and her traditions space. She grew up in a town in upstate New York that many years ago had been a beacon for immigrants because there was work available. There was a cigar factory and a shoe factory. As more and more people came, more companies came to make their home there. GE and IBM later became the standard of sustenance for most of those families, and the men would work there until they retired.
The town was a rich blend of culture: German, Italian, Czechoslovakian, Polish, and Irish families made this community. They appreciated their neighbors and learned from each other while continuing to carry their family traditions with pride in this wonderful new country. 

She remembered as a young girl passing neighbors homes that had hand written signs in the windows, letting people know that had certain traditional foods for sale from their kitchens; pierogies, baklava, sausages, sauces, breads, and desserts. It was plentiful handmade and local foods.  
She learned to cook from her mother and the neighborhood mothers, and by the time she graduated school she had quite an impressive recipe collection and every kitchen utensil she would need.
Those memories have been kept alive in her Americana kitchen, filled with food, laughter, love and pride. 


Friday, July 3, 2015

Mermaid Wisdom from Cher, the Diva of the Ocean

"Listen darlings, if you want to Live an amazing have to Believe in that amazing life" explained Cher. As she leaned against the coral ridge sipping wine from a lovely weathered conch, more and more young mermaids quickly swam up to join the circle and listen. Cher was their idol and news had traveled quickly through the cove that she was spending time at a meet and greet before her performance. The girls were giddy with excitement, for not only was Cher the most beautiful mermaid in the sea, her spirit was even more gorgeous. 

Her soul sparkled, colorful and vivacious, filled with edgy humor and goddess wisdom.When she entertained, the ocean seemed to stand still, mesmerized by the beauty and power that escaped her lips. 
"Now, I don't ever want to see you looking down and feeling defeated, that doesn't become your pretty faces. You can achieve whatever it is that's in your heart. If you can dream it, you can live it !" continued Cher. "Understand, darlings?" 
Oh yes, they all exclaimed. They would remember, forever. 

Cher loved those moments, for she was taught when she was young, the power of words. She vowed many years ago to always pass the power on, lifting and strengthening the circle of women.

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Cher Diva of the Ocean Mermaid Art Doll on Etsy