Monday, March 7, 2016

Starlina Dragonfly and Keeping your Light from going Dim

Starlina stopped to rest on a dahlia stem. She needed to pause for a moment and put things in to perspective. 

Starlina Dragonfly Handmade Beaded Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

All of this 'busy busy busy", flutter here and flutter there, was catching up with her. She was the same amount of busy, but found that by the end of the day she wasn't finishing what she needed to. 
Well.....that's wasn't entirely true....she wasn't finishing what she needed to 
for Her
Dragonfly Beaded Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

When she gazed down at her reflection in the stream, she noticed that her "light" wasn't shining as bright as normal. It was markedly more dim, and this would just not do.
It had taken quite some time to become who she was, for her colors to come into their maturity. Her energy had always been a force to be reckoned with, yet now she felt the drain. She had fallen out of balance.
While she had always given freely of her time helping others, she knew that doing so required daily maintenance to achieve a healthy balance. And here she was....feeling dim and exhausted. 
Thank goodness she knew how to rectify this in fairly short order. All it takes is  "loving self"....loving self enough to draw your boundaries...loving self enough to maintain those boundaries...and loving self enough to say "no". 
Deep breath in, Starlina readied herself to fly...this time back toward her heart path. 
Fly Starlina, Fly.

Beaded Dragonfly Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry

Dragonfly Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Starlina Dragonfly is a Handmade Beaded Art Doll created for women, by Jeanne Fry. You can see more of her on the website here