Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Starfish and Mermaid - the Wisdom of Stella and Ginger Pearl

This particular little pair of friends, Stella and Ginger Pearl, are quite well known under the Waters, but not so much up here by us land dwellers....until now. Recently this beautiful little Starfish and her feisty Mermaid friend were spotted by a kind, dark haired woman sitting at the water's edge. Normally they would have quickly swam back down to the ocean floor in safety, but they were curious about the woman. They felt safe. They could tell that she had a kind heart.
The Starfish and Mermaid - the Wisdom of Stella and Ginger Pearl Art Dolls

Stella and Ginger Pearl floated at the top of the calm blue waters in the Cove, holding on to the edge of  a tall rock, peaking occasionally at the woman while she occasionally peaked at them. The woman was sad and writing a letter, whispering the words as she wrote. She needed help, and she was sad because the friends that she had had for years, that she had helped and inspired along the way...weren't here for her when she needed them. She was disappointed.
Mermaid Art Doll Ginger Pearl Red Haired Beaded Mermaid

Oh Goodness ! They knew ALL about this! This is how Ginger Pearl had met Stella, and they had became best of friends. Ginger had this same moment in her own life, and later learned that the "friends" that she had had in the past were actually people that had needed her help. There was nothing wrong with that. She was happy to help them with what she had and what she knew. The mistake that was made was that over time, she had thought of them as "friends" when actually there were simply sweet acquaintances. It was then time for Ginger Pearl to create those wonderful friendships that were based on two friends supporting the highest good for one another, unlike the one sided one's from her past.

Mermaids have a unique kind of magic that allows them to communicate with the land dwellers. They can place their whispers inside the bubbles of water on top of the Sea and blow them across to the human. When the bubbles pop, their whispers can be heard.
So, Ginger sent her whispers across, and her and Stella waited. After a few minutes they knew that she had heard, for a slight smile moved across the woman's face. She took a deep breath and they knew that the woman felt better.
Mermaid holding onto Starfish Beaded Art Dolls

The woman stood up and put her paper and pen back in her bag and pulled her things together to leave. She turned for a moment and looked back at the large rock, curiously, and smiled. She pulled her compass out of her pocket and started walking back, a little more confident, now that she had a direction.
She blew a kiss over her shoulder and whispered "Until we meet again", and continued to walk. Stella and Ginger caught the kiss, sent one back, and then dove happily back down  to their home.
Starfish and Mermaid Beaded Art Dolls

****This fun pair of friends, Stella and Ginger Pearl, are a Starfish and Mermaid duo that was completely hand stitched and beaded. You can find them on my website here

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sirena and the Healing Waters - Purple Beaded Mermaid Art Doll with Story

Sirena and the Healing Waters

Sirena, one of the most loved Mermaids, lives at the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, France. Her Mer-family has lived there for generations. She can often be found sitting on one of the magnificent rock formations, but she is somewhat disguised as her own purple hues blend in well with the pink sands and rocks. 

Sirena has a heart of gold and infuses love into everything she does. She knows that the humans often come to the waters for Releasing and Cleansing their emotions. The connection with Mother Earth is strong, and the Water always seems to make one feel better. She quietly sits and listens. 
Sirena Purple Mermaid Beaded Art Doll

When she feels a human at the water's edge, someone who is releasing their emotions, she softly dips the tip of her tail in the water and twirls it in circles. The spirals in the water extend out further and further until eventually the spiral will pull in the energy that needs healing...and will push out fresh and vibrant energy to the shore. She continues to watch the human, continuing to twirl her tail in the water. When she finally sees them relax and breathe deep, she stops the water's movement, knowing that the energy was cleansed. Grateful that she was able to help another and share the love, she bends down and slips into the water, swimming all the way to the floor of the cove. She reaches and picks up a pearl and places it within a groove of her tail. She does this each time she helps one of the humans because from that day forward...they are now a part of her heart. She will always be there for them now, whenever they need someone to Listen. 

You can find Sirena on my website here