Sunday, February 25, 2018

Love Lessons from the One who knows you Best - Self

We spend so much of our time focused and working on our Relationships with those around us,  that we often neglect the most important relationship, the one we have with our Self, our Inner Being. Before you know it we begin to neglect how we take care of ourselves, giving more and more to Others and less and less to Self.
There is great value in Self Care and Self Love. It nurtures the creation of healthy boundaries, helps us make more balanced decisions, maintains an inner balance, boosts our self esteem, and models to those around us the value in treating people with love and respect.

Painted Affirmations for Self Care on Folk Art Doll

We need to ask ourselves.....
Do we spend quality time with Self? Do we take ourselves out on dates doing things that we truly enjoy?
Do we stop and ask Self how our day was, a check-in of sorts? Do we listen attentively to how we feel and honor those feelings?
Do we prevent the all-popular Negative Self Talk?
We often will be cheerleaders for those we care about.... Are we a cheerleader for our own Inner Being? Do we give ourselves pep talks and encouragement?
Do we keep promises and commitments with our Self?
Are we Honest with our Self?
Word Art Affirmations on Love Lessons Folk Art Doll

These are just a few things to stay aware of, all basically reminding us that we need to make ourselves a priority and that our needs are important. If we don't value and respect our Inner Being, how can we expect others to?

Replacing our Negative Self Talk with Empowering Affirmations is a wonderful self care practice.
I created "Love Lessons" to serve as a visual reminder of using Affirmations each day.

I am Worthy * I am Loved * I am Beautiful * I live in a Loving Abundant Harmonious World * Hope * Love * Smile * Brave * Dream
Self Care OOAK Contemporary Folk Art Doll with Affirmations

"Love Lessons" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Contemporary Folk Art Doll, created from Clay and Batik, designed as a Wall Hanger.


Love Lessons a Contemporary Folk Art Doll for Self Care

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