Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Butterfly Blessings - OOAK Butterfly Folk Art Doll for Worrying and Releasing

Butterfly Blessings OOAK Butterfly Folk Art Doll Painted Muslin with Word Art "Butterfly Blessings" was designed not only to be an Art Doll, but also as a Comfort Doll for women. More specifically, a Comfort Doll for women who tend to worry. I created her so that she could be displayed virtually anywhere in the home, or on a wall, and be a reminder with her message that is painted Word Art on her muslin. She is also a perfect size, and softness, that she can be held during difficult moments or in moments of meditation. I know for myself the importance of continually reminding our spirit about releasing and relieving stress, because I am an Expert Worrier. 

Butterfly Blessings Message:

 "Don't hold on to those worries, dear one. Worries can multiply if you don't pay attention. Your Sacred Self was meant for holding LOVE, not worries. When you feel a worry fluttering around in your belly, visualize it as a Butterfly. Close your eyes and Ask for a Solution. Give that worry to the Butterfly, and allow it to Fly Away. These are your Butterfly Blessings." 

The Creation of Butterfly Blessings

"Butterfly Blessings" is an OOAK (original one of a kind) Art Doll that was entirely made from original painted muslin. Her face is an original painting on heavy muslin. Her body and butterfly headdress is free form sewn muslin and painted. A fabric medium was added to the Acrylics to protect the painting. Additional linen and fabric trims, along with a few glass beads and an applique were added for her embellishment. She is soft, beautiful, wise, and calming. 
OOAK Painted Muslin Fairy Folk Art Doll with a Word Art Message

OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Painted Muslin and Linen Trims

You can see more of her on my website here 

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