Tuesday, April 24, 2018

In My World - OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll with Painted Muslin

In My World OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Painted MuslinSometimes this big world seems more and more foreign, doesn't it? I mean, yes things always change...people change...communities change...styles change...trends change...feelings change...politics change, but even when all these things change there is usually still a baseline, and that seems to have changed too. 

Other times when I think about it, I think that the world has always been this way, and that the only thing that's different is that the veils are being lifted on the truth. 

Either way, it often encourages me to retreat to another world, a magic world. 
Would you like to meet one of the sweet little spirits from that world? 

She is a little shy, but when she speaks it is in volumes. 

"In my world, Everyone is Kind....We speak with Truth and Love...No one is Hungry...and We ALL care for one another"

OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll Vintage Style Painted Muslin with Striped Hat

I must keep the location of her very special world a secret, so that big greedy ones don't try and conquer it too. 

[ In My World is an OOAK Fairy Folk Art Doll created with vintage style Painted Muslin]


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