Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women - Art Doll

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women learns not only about the glory of being a Woman, but finds sage wisdom from the Turtle Women. This special clan of women offers support and guidance to one another, walking hand in hand through each of their spiritual journeys. 
Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll

Little Sister is learning to keep a balanced spirit, how to honor her emotions, but not let them completely dictate her decisions. She is recognizing the connection of head and heart, "feelings" and "knowing". She is on a path of living her life for her own highest good, and learns each day the importance of putting her needs first. 
Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

The Abalone Turtle Women carry special wisdom learned from the Turtle - about the Feminine, Motherhood, Healing, and Growth. They carry Abalone as a reminder of emotional balance. 

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll

Little Sister of the Abalone Turtle Women Art Doll

You can find Little Sister on my website here

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dragonfly Folk Art Doll - Lady Dragonfly and the Winds of Change

She finally understood, after all this time, the best way to maneuver within the Winds of Change. In fact, she learned the difference between moving against them and moving within them. In the past when those winds would blow in, confronting her in the face and pushing her backwards, she would defiantly push back. She struggled with the winds, each time upset that they were shoving her away from her chosen path. Each time she would seemingly be further and further away from the destination.

One day when her defenses were down,and frankly she was just too tired for the fight, she allowed the winds to embrace her. She didn't struggle against them. She floated within the breeze, still in control of herself but now guided. 

She let go of her fears and trusted in the change of course, later finding that the destination was truly in a much better place than she could have imagined.
She learned that we do have a sense of control - in manifesting - where and what we want to be, but we don't always have control on how we get there. She now understands that believing in her self, and that she is a part of something bigger, can help pave the way so that the course is not as difficult as she might have surmised.

This is the inspiration behind "Lady Dragonfly and the Winds of Change", a contemporary folk art doll by Jeanne Fry which can be found here

Monday, March 7, 2016

Starlina Dragonfly and Keeping your Light from going Dim

Starlina stopped to rest on a dahlia stem. She needed to pause for a moment and put things in to perspective. 

Starlina Dragonfly Handmade Beaded Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

All of this 'busy busy busy", flutter here and flutter there, was catching up with her. She was the same amount of busy, but found that by the end of the day she wasn't finishing what she needed to. 
Well.....that's wasn't entirely true....she wasn't finishing what she needed to 
for Her
Dragonfly Beaded Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

When she gazed down at her reflection in the stream, she noticed that her "light" wasn't shining as bright as normal. It was markedly more dim, and this would just not do.
It had taken quite some time to become who she was, for her colors to come into their maturity. Her energy had always been a force to be reckoned with, yet now she felt the drain. She had fallen out of balance.
While she had always given freely of her time helping others, she knew that doing so required daily maintenance to achieve a healthy balance. And here she was....feeling dim and exhausted. 
Thank goodness she knew how to rectify this in fairly short order. All it takes is  "loving self"....loving self enough to draw your boundaries...loving self enough to maintain those boundaries...and loving self enough to say "no". 
Deep breath in, Starlina readied herself to fly...this time back toward her heart path. 
Fly Starlina, Fly.

Beaded Dragonfly Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry

Dragonfly Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Starlina Dragonfly is a Handmade Beaded Art Doll created for women, by Jeanne Fry. You can see more of her on the website here

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mama Muse a Whimsical and Vibrant Spirit Doll to Inspire the Creative Soul

There are times as artists that we take ourselves TOO seriously. The fearful side of our humanity can  interfere in our processes, tricking us into worrying about perfection instead of enjoying the journey. Mama Muse brings a much needed nurturing energy...an energy that suggests instead of worrying how others perceive your art - to focus on how it makes You feel.
She urges you to not think about the end result, the marketing and the sale, but to instead think of your art resonating with another's soul and it's contribution to the world. 
When Mama Muse is near she brings an infinite flow of creative energy, ideas atop ideas, of new works, new mediums, and inspiration to continually master your skills. 
Mama Muse is infused with every color of the rainbow and ideas that break through our societal divides. She carries the wisdom of the elders, and the exuberance of the youth. 
Mama Muse a Whimsical Colorful Spirit Doll Wall Hanger

She inspires one to color OUTside of the lines, to mix stripes and polka dots, to wear purple in their hair, to leave the dishes until later, to explore, to be adventurous, to learn by doing, and to leave the inner critic at the door.

Mama Muse Cloth and Clay Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Mama Muse inspires us to create the world we wish to see.
Mama Muse a Handmade Art Doll for Creative Inspiration by Jeanne Fry

She is available in my Indiemade shop here
Mama Muse Spirit Doll Wall Hanger

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sapphire of the Sea - A Mermaid with Heart

She was always told that one person can indeed make a difference, and that belief has fueled her throughout her life. Sensitive to things around her, she has never allowed herself to feel as if there is never any hope. Each day she makes a difference in her world, inspired by the simple belief that she is here for a reason. 
Sapphire, a thirty-something young mermaid, is one of the most beautiful mermaids of the Sea, not only in her outward features but even more so by her big heart. The first word often used to describe her is "kind", which is hugely underrated. 
Sapphire of the Sea- a Mermaid Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

She spends her days quietly performing acts of kindness while sharing her smile and hugs. Over the last few months she has been helping her brothers and sisters in the sea, the turtles and the fish, who keep getting caught up in the fisherman's nets. Each morning, very early, she swims to where the fisherman leave their nets and carefully takes the whole net and swims back to her cove where she then helps release each one of them. Later she hides the net. 
Sapphire of the Sea by Jeanne Fry

The fisherman have been getting frustrated that they keep losing not only their fish bounty but their entire nets each day, and are contemplating moving on to another area (while Sapphire quietly chuckles). The fish and the turtles are ever grateful to Sapphire for her kindness, and they themselves help their sea community to pay it forward. 
Mermaid Art Doll by Jeanne Fry Art
Beaded Mermaid Tail 
Side View of Sapphire of the Sea
The Kind Heart of Sapphire of the Sea
Sapphire of the Sea is a Handmade Beaded Cloth and Clay Art Doll created by Jeanne Fry for adult collectors.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fearless - A Spirit Doll for Encouraging Bravery while Redesigning one's Life

We all have it, that thing that holds us back from living the life we're meant to live. It feeds our Inner Critic all the things it can to make sure we don't try new things. If you let it, it will hold your Soul in a perpetual state of anxiety afraid of your own capabilities, other people, and even the world. 

It also can present itself in small almost unseen ways, quietly slipping in, and holding us just enough that it doesn't stop us from living life - but it will interfere by lowering our expectations of ourselves. It will whisper in our ears to only put ourselves out there...just a little bit...as if flying under the radar...trying to convince us that living "safe" is the answer. Of course, there is a difference in living safe and not fully putting your heart into something. If you only give fifty percent, you'll never receive the fullest potential. 
Fearless Spirit Art Doll by Jeanne Fry Art

And then there comes the day, that miraculous and long awaited day, when your gentle Spirit screams inside....
"Let me OUT ! I want to Live ! I want to dance in the rain and sing on the mountain tops. I want to take my brush and paint everything I see, purple and red and orange and yellow. I want to DO the things that other people write about. I want to love without fear and laugh without limits.  I want to trust my own voice and see where it leads me. I want to live, FULLY live, this one Life that I have. 
And when the spirit has finished her plea, the glass wall of fear shatters into a bunch of meaningless, powerless shards that crumble into nothingness. And what is left....is a beautiful blank white canvas...waiting for You to start painting your new reality. 
Fearless Spirit Art Doll by Jeanne Fry Art

This is a moment to celebrate,to honor like a new birth. And it is this moment that inspired my creation of the "Fearless" Spirit Doll, an honoring and a reminder of how you got here, why you're here, and to cheer lead Each Step Forward. 
Fearless Spirit Art Doll by Jeanne Fry Art

The "Fearless" Spirit Art Doll is available in my Etsy shop here

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Pumpkin Queen - Royalty from the Pumpkin Patch

Be careful while out walking through the pumpkin patches, my friends, for Fall is here and the Pumpkin Queen is hurrying about in a very busy state. She must make sure that everything goes as planned, so so busy with all these holidays. It's not just Halloween that keeps her on the go, but Fall itself, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. She is in charge of an entire Season and that's a lot of pressure on anyone. 

Pumpkin Queen Folk Art Doll Wall Hanger by Jeanne Fry

Thank goodness that the gnomes and faeries are here to help her, but still....she works from sun up and late into the night. Every leaf has to be just the right fabulous color and every pumpkin has to be plump and ripe. 
Pumpkin Queen Folk Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

She is a kind queen, but at the same time - there will be no slacking off ! The humans rely on her to bring them this highly loved time of year. They have expectations and she will not let them down. 
When she walks down the rows of the pumpkin patches, inspecting each one, the squirrels and the birds all stand to attention for her. Two cardinals hold onto the train of her dress, filled with fall leaves that have latched on along the way. 

Pumpkin Queen Folk Art Doll Leaf Skirt by Jeanne Fry

She won't have a rest until before Christmas, when olde Kris Kringle will take over duty. 
So be very mindful when out on those chilly afternoon walks, you just never know where she might be. You will know when she is nearby if you see Mother and Father Cardinal. If you see the cardinal couple, it usually means that the Pumpkin Queen is hiding out of sight, nearby. 

Pumpkin Queen Folk Art Doll Wall Hanger by Jeanne Fry

The Pumpkin Queen Folk Art Doll is listed in my Etsy Shop. She was created for adult collectors and not for children. She is designed as a Wall Hanger for easy display.