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An Original Figurative Sculpt of the Venus of Willendorf - Goddess Statuary

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The Knowing - Crone Intuition Spirit Doll

The Wild Woman and her Pocket Full of Love - a Made to Order Art Doll for Self Care

Dance like no one is Watching - OOAK Cloth and Clay Art Doll with Ribbon Skirt

Finding Courage where the eddy meets the sierra - an OOAK Beaded Spirit Doll for Courage

Harnessing the Magic ~ a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll

Cho Ku Rei - Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll

Triple Moon Goddess Spirit Doll Sculpture for Prayer Altar

Crone Matters - a Spirit Doll celebrating the Season of the Crone

Terpsichore the Muse of Dance - OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll