Thursday, March 7, 2019

Finding Courage where the eddy meets the sierra - an OOAK Beaded Spirit Doll for Courage

The Inspiration

Finding Courage where the eddy meets the sierra - OOAK Beaded Spirit DollI wanted to create a Spirit Doll to reflect a particular character trait at a distinct kind of place, hence "finding courage where the eddy meets the sierra". In my thoughts, being able to find "serenity in the strength" leads to the courage to move forward. When I thought of what that would look like visually, it made me think of a magical little space where a cool blue eddy meets the edge of a sierra...where the water meets the mountain.

The Symbolism

In order to bring that forward in the spirit doll I used color, shapes, and gemstones.  First, her face was an Original Sculpt done in a more roundish shape to reflect the circular movement of an eddy. Her complexion, painted with acrylics, was done in earth tones to connect with the mountains, the sierra. Adding the two turquoise gemstone chips to attach the face to the body was a perfect addition.
Her hair, the main symbolism for the eddy, was created by sewing hand dyed fibers in fabulous cool water blues with hints of mermaid green. Her hair is wavy and flowing, almost a bit wild, but contained by pulling back in a loose pony tail - symbolic for the water current.
Her body was sewn in a soft pyramid shape to reflect a mountain, using a batik fabric in a deep payne's grey that has accents of subtle yellow-green and blues. I loved the color scheme to symbolize the edge of the sierra, and then used several types of earthy beads to accent the symbolism.
The Unakite (spirituality stone) focal bead in the center is itself in a pyramid shape that allowed me to add a small round beige jasper bead in its center.....the serenity in the strength....where the eddy meets the sierra. A flowing swirl of beads lead away from the focal bead, a mixture of Prehnite, Green Jasper, and Wood Beads....all beads associated with grounding, the earth, stability, balance, and strength.
Fibers in lavender, turquoise, purple, and blue are tied around her shoulders as a scarf, and run along the bottom edge of her body and once across her chest.

Unakite Prehnite and Green Jasper beading on spirit doll

Finding Courage where the eddy meets the sierra - an OOAK Beaded Spirit Doll

The Completion 

This wee Wisdom Keeper Spirit Doll can be kept close at hand when one needs to bolster Courage on their journey. She can serve as a visual aid in meditation, allowing one to imagine seeing where the crystalline blue waters of the eddy meet the edge of the beautiful sierra ridge line. Paying special attention to the symbolism involved, along with cleansing breath-work, helps one find Serenity in the Strength....and it is here where you can find 

You can see more of "Courage" on my website here
OOAK Beaded Spirit Doll for Courage

Harnessing the Magic ~ a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll

Harnessing the Magic a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll Sometimes there are moments on this journey when we need to harness the magic in order to get around that next curve ...when we need to plug our personal power into the limitless power of the Universe in order to propel forward.

Crone wisdom reminds us first and foremost that those abilities are innately within us, and in order to deeply connect we must reach back before the days of oppression to when the Goddess ways were THE way. We are at our strongest when our rhythm is in sync with the Earth and the Sky, the tides and the moon, when our heart beats with Hers.

She can teach how to work with the magic, techniques and symbolism, herbs and lore, but that truly harnessing the magic takes more personal inner work.

Crone facilitates a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine. The more meaningful that connection becomes, you will begin to find a more authentic sense of Self Love and Acceptance. The patriarchal expectations of what a woman should LOOK like, TALK like, BEHAVE like, and BE like...just begin to shed themselves into a pool of unimportant jibber on the floor. As you begin to love and appreciate every aspect of your Being on this elevated level, you equally believe and trust in yourself more and more. That confidence in yourself facilitates more Ease in Manifesting and Strength in Magic.

Harnessing the Magic - a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll
The Crone will urge an inner exploration to ensure that one isn't carrying negative self talk or sabotaging traits that can work contrary to the intended goals.
She will prompt one to surround themselves with loving and nurturing people, and distance Self from those who disregard their highest good.
She helps one to understand that a person's inner climate and surrounding energy impact their spiritual connection and effectiveness of manifestation.

When we are able to believe in ourselves AND believe in something bigger than us, AND understand the connection and purpose between the two.... the possibilities can extend past the Milky Way.

Harnessing the Magic - a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll

Harnessing the Magic - a Crone Beaded Spirit Doll

You can find "Harnessing the Magic" and learn more about her on my website here

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cho Ku Rei - Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll

Cho Ku Rei an OOAK Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll from Gourd and Clay As a Reiki Master and Energy Worker, sacred space is so very important to me. I find it essential to create spaces in my home that are comfortable, feel safe, feel nurturing, even healing. (Comfort bypasses proper Interior Design every time. ) I always chuckle when family and friends visit because they will navigate directly to every one of my personal the living room, kitchen, even my studio/office. Yes, I do Space Clear and practice Feng Shui, so I suppose at the end of the day it's all about the Energy to me.

Cho Ku Rei a Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll

I utilize colors and symbols throughout my home - everything that is placed has an Intention.  I also have Prayer Altars, yes multiple.I have a formal one in the living room, but my more personal ones are in my Art Studio, Kitchen, and Bedroom - these being important energy centers for me. 

Over the last few weeks I have been creating some small Gourd and Clay Sculptures and Spirit Dolls, each with a focused theme, that can be placed on one's prayer altar. The newest one that I am sharing today is named "Cho Ku Rei", representative of one of the Reiki healing symbols. 
Cho Ku Rei in Reiki is symbolic for Power, Energy, and as an Amplifier. Often when it is described, it is defined as 
"Place the power of the Universe here". 

Cho Ku Rei a Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll

This OOAK (original one of a kind) Spirit Doll is an original sculpt of natural Gourd and Clay. I later used Acrylics and painted this petite dark haired beauty wearing a sage green dress with her arms held in front of her in prayer. There are subtle spirals throughout her dress, grooved in the clay. The Cho Ku Rei symbol is painted in purple, as a design on her dress. She is wearing a purple and green head wrap. Her eyes are closed in sacred thought. The sculpture sits on clay base that is painted purple with the words Cho Ku Rei on the front. 
She would be a perfect addition to a Healing Prayer Altar in one's home, but also welcomed in a Yoga space, a Massage Therapist's office, or at Reiki circles. 

OOAK Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll sculpted from Gourd and Clay

Cho Ku Rei a Reiki Prayers Spirit Doll


The Five Reiki Principles

Just for Today...I will not worry
Just for Today...I will not be angry
Just for Today...I will do my work honestly
Just for Today...I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for Today...I will be kind to my neighbors and every living thing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Triple Moon Goddess Spirit Doll Sculpture for Prayer Altar

There are times when we are seeking guidance when we know specifically that we are seeking wisdom from the Maiden, or the Mother, or from the Crone. There are other times when we have more difficult challenges to work through and we look to the Triple Moon Goddess in her entirety for sage support. In either case, I wanted to create a small sculpture to keep on a prayer altar that could reflect the embodiment of the Triple Moon Goddess AND  that could do so in a way that many Goddess  beliefs could connect spiritually. 

Triple Moon Goddess Spirit Doll OOAK Gourd and Clay Sculpture

This OOAK (Original One of a Kind) Spirit Doll is a Gourd and Clay Sculpture that measures 5 inches in height and 3 inches in width. It makes her perfect not only for the sacred space in your home, but is also small enough to take along while traveling or to spiritual gatherings. 

OOAK Triple Moon Goddess Spirit Doll Sculpture
Often during prayer, I will look tot the Maiden when I begin new ventures, projects, or times of new growth. I will look to the Mother when I am focused on protection, fairness, relationships, abundance and health matters. And I look to the Crone for spiritual support, bigger picture views, wisdom,  transitions, and healing. 
Triple Moon Goddess Gourd and Clay Sculpture for Prauer Altar
Maiden Mother and Crone Spirit Doll Gourd and Clay Sculpt
You can see ore of her on my website here

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Crone Matters - a Spirit Doll celebrating the Season of the Crone

For many years I have honored the Triple Goddess, the "Maiden Mother and Crone". My focus has always been to authentically live through the stages, consciously aware of the experiences and the growth afforded to me. Over the past 16 years I have gratefully been able to merge my Art and my Spirituality to acknowledge the diversity we hold as women and the many layers we each have. 
Triple Goddess Crone Season an OOAK Spirit Doll

As I began transitioning into the Crone season it became a more quiet time for me. I needed that time to reflect on the lessons learned over time. While my beliefs remained the same, there was a shuffling in how I prioritized them. Those beliefs became my core beliefs and now were held with a level of absoluteness that is almost indescribable. My time and energy were now a valuable commodity not to be trifled with. And a sense of freedom emerged, so much more notable without the layers of  needless worries attached. 
Crone Matters a Cloth and Clay Spirit Doll for the Wise Woman

I want to share my journey through the Crone season, not only to connect and relate to other Elders, but to help change the narrative of this time. For far too long Crones have been dishonored. Instead of being referred to as the Sage Woman or the Wise Woman....the Crones became unattractive and unneeded...hags..broads...all in an attempt to dis-empower her.
Crone Matters - Season of the Crone - Triple Goddess

I have created a series of Spirit Dolls that each focus on a Crone "matter"...pieces and thoughts of the journey. The first in the series is,  in a sense,  the Guide on this journey. She holds all of the subsequent pieces ...and is named "Crone Matters".      
Crone Matters an OOAK Spirit Doll for the Goddess
             You can see more of "Crone Matters" is on my website here
Crone Matters an OOAK Goddess Spirit Doll

Friday, May 4, 2018

Terpsichore the Muse of Dance - OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

The Muse of Dance 

The Change of Seasons, the eruption of Spring, inspired me to create a series of Wisdom Keepers that reflect the Nine Muses. Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, was the first that came to mind. She is often depicted seated with a lyre, accompanying the ballerinas with music. But, I don't think a Muse should be sitting on the sidelines.

Here I wanted her inspirational nature to be Dancing at the forefront. Her focused intent and quiet mind fully connected with the ecstasy of the Dance, where the soul is able to shut out all the background noise, this feeling of BEING the Dance is what I want portrayed. 


Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll Creating the Muse of Dance

It was important to me when creating, that these nine muses be reflective of vibrant and empowered feminine beings, that they love themselves...their bodies...their talents...
Here, Terpsichore was sewn in a free form full figure body, using a rich burnt orange and magenta batik fabric Her sacred womb was embellished with a beaded spiral of Rhodochrosite gemstone beads. She holds a gorgeous smokey glass faceted bead that is symbolic for Her Sun and Her Moon. 
You can learn more about her here on my website
The Muse of Dance OOAK Folk Art Doll
Terpsichore the Muse of Dance OOAK Beaded Full Figure Folk Art Doll

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor of Iris Apfel the Fashion Icon

OOAK Folk Art Doll to honor Iris Apfel fashion iconI wanted to take a moment to share one of my recent OOAK Folk Art Dolls  that had sold almost immediately, and I hadn't had time to blog about her. But she definitely deserves some space on the blog, especially as she is one of my favorites. 
She was created to honor Iris Apfel, the beloved fashion icon.

The Creative Process of making Iris Apfel 

 I had such a great time creating her, choosing a multitude of fabrics that would be unique and reflective of Iris and her style. I'm thinking about creating another of her because that creative process was SO entirely fulfilling. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor of Iris Apfel fashion icon Cloth and Clay Art Doll

Choosing gemstones and beads to create her bold statement jewelry pieces was one of the most detail oriented parts, by trying to imagine what Iris would choose. 
OOAK Folk Art Doll in honor if Iris Apfel fashion icon