Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wisdom Keepers Art Doll Collection Evolving

As artists grow and change, undoubtedly so does their work. As I take a look back at even my last year of work I see how life changes are reflected in the creations.

My work now is being formulated into series of collections, instead of seperate stand alone pieces.

Later this week I will be posting "The Seeker", who is number two in a series of characters that are the basis for a book that I am writing. (The first in the Series is "The Wishmaker" who you may remember and can find in an earlier post here on the blog).

Also later this week I will be releasing "The Rabbit Whisperer", the first in a series of Art Dolls that incorporates Animal Totem Wisdom into the creation of the doll.

In the midst of the evolution of the collections, I have added a few more of my little poppets...
You can see all of the new poppets on my website and read their stories at

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