Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frona the Seeker

Wisdom Keeper Art Doll         "The Seeker ~ Frona"


 The Seeker is the second character created related to the book I am writing.

"The Seeker, ready for the journey, has mounted her companion camel, Thwertem. Her side bag

is filled with maps, water canteen, her protective stones, and compass. Ima slipped a bit of

fresh baked nut bread wrapped in checkered cloth inside the bag, knowing that Frona would

forget to gather food along the way. "

Frona is approxmately 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide seated on her camel companion.

Frona is an original one of a kind sculpt of paper clay, hand painted and antiqued, sporting henna designs on her face and hands.

Her skirt and top are made of batik, her cloak of soft suede, and her boots of black leather.

Her side bag is leather with batik and fibers, with compass attached and journey supplies inside.

Thwetem the camel is covered with a soft leather.

You can view more picture of Frona on my website