Monday, May 31, 2010


I am simply amazed sometimes at how continual inspiration flows. I carry a small notebook with me every day to jot down ideas of future doll sculpts to create. Just walking through our local growers market and looking at the flowers, or walking with my dog, chatting with a friend, or even looking out the window as we drive down the road...little ideas pop in my mind. Probably the best inspiration though, is when I am interacting with the people that collect my work or those seeing it for the first time at a show. So very grateful for that  infinite flow that feeds my passion.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Maidens of the Sea

These little Sea Maidens swam up near me during one of their adventures.
From left to right:
Miriam ~ a Star of the Sea, demure and light-hearted, but fiercely loyal
Morgana ~ Resides near the edge of the sea, loves to watch the humans and teases them with a glimpse
Annabel ~ Watches over her sisters, the embodiment of Motherhood
Nerissa ~ Rich and Lavish, she loves to entertain


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cordelia the Mermaid Art Doll

As of late, my thoughts have been immersed in ocean and sea life, most probably due to the recent Oil Spill in the Gulf.

Cordelia was created to honor life that inhabits our waters.
Cordelia, at immediate glance, is truly full of spunk and mischief. She is a little ball of energy  and an adventure seeker.

While from a distance she seems to be light-hearted, keep in mind that she is also very wise and thoughtful.The adventures that she leads, while fun, always have  underlying motivations to them which are to help her other friends in the waters. She is humble in regards to her good deeds, and while carrying at least one good deed out per day, she never shares it with anyone except for Grandmother Sea Turtle, her oldest friend.

Cordelia is an original sculpt of paper clay and stands approximately 10 inches tall.


Aine ~ Sun Salutations Art Doll

After a long grey dreary winter, I wanted to create an Art Doll that was full of life and light...and so here is Aine.

Aine in mythology was an Irish Sun Goddess  which represented the "spark of life". Here she encompasses the rich warm colors of the sun's glow. Her daily routine begins with her sun salutations, welcoming the new day and all of the opportunities that come along with it. Busy busy at this time of year, preparing for her most favorite festival ~ the Midsummer's Eve.
Aine will continually remind you of the happiness and potential of each new day.

Aine ~ Wisdom Keeper Art Doll is based out of Gourd and Original Paper Clay Sculpt. She is painted with acrylics and her auburn wool roving hair is hand beaded to catch the light. She is approximately 11  inches tall and 9 inches wide with her arm stretch.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Addie's Steampunk Adventures

Addie has been a long time in arriving. She is the only one of my Wisdom Keeper Art Dolls to come with her own Diorama to display in.

Addie is wildly creative. She follows her passion with full zest, spending almost every waking moment in her workshop. She greets the sunrise from her workspace sipping lavender tea and mulling over the multitude of ideas that flow through her. This morning she will go out on a scavenger hunt to find bits and pieces, gears and sprockets, treasures that only she can put to use in building yet another fabulous invention that may.....just may....change the world.




Cherokee Woman

For those days when you need Strength after lending your

shoulder to dear friends...

For those days when you need Courage to face the World...

For those days when you need someone to listen, when no

one else can hear...

For those days when you need to remember who you are

deep in your soul...

"Grace" is by your side.

Grace is approximately 11 inches tall. She is an OOAK art

doll, original one of a kind. Her clothing is made of light

suede and destressed red sheepskin. At her base is an

abalone shell to hold special gemstones. There is a sterling

silver hanging piece on her waist with turqoise and jasper.

She is signed and dated on the bottom of her base and she

comes with a story card, telling her story.