Friday, May 21, 2010

Cordelia the Mermaid Art Doll

As of late, my thoughts have been immersed in ocean and sea life, most probably due to the recent Oil Spill in the Gulf.

Cordelia was created to honor life that inhabits our waters.
Cordelia, at immediate glance, is truly full of spunk and mischief. She is a little ball of energy  and an adventure seeker.

While from a distance she seems to be light-hearted, keep in mind that she is also very wise and thoughtful.The adventures that she leads, while fun, always have  underlying motivations to them which are to help her other friends in the waters. She is humble in regards to her good deeds, and while carrying at least one good deed out per day, she never shares it with anyone except for Grandmother Sea Turtle, her oldest friend.

Cordelia is an original sculpt of paper clay and stands approximately 10 inches tall.


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