Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jenny JuneBug ~ Mountain Fairy

Jenny JuneBug is a Mountain Faerie that can be usually can be found, if you are looking very closely, in the early eve. Her colors help her to hide within the forest glen, but as the sun sets a little lower and the air gets a might cooler, she ventures out to explore.
Jenny is a wee fae who's a bit on the tomboy side. She bores easily  picking flowers and playing in gardens. Her passion is playing at dusk with the firefly tribe. They love to gather near the edges of human gatherings ( especially when they are eating their dinners out on the lawns). Many times you will see her playing with the fireflies during their evening games. She watches over these friends, making sure they don't get caught up in a mason jar by a wandering human child.

If you come across Jenny Junebug, you musn't try and catch her. Even though she is a sweet little rebel faerie, she is considered royalty in her Fae Clan. She is a princess, of a clan that migrated here from Wales many generations ago, and carries on the traditions of her family as Flower Healers.


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