Friday, June 4, 2010

Maya and the Songbird

Maya is a gifted writer and poet. The beauty of  words she puts to paper are rich and delightful, and over the years she has filled volumes of notebooks that line the shelves in her home. But, Maya is stuck...creatively...and discouraged.You see, she was afraid to share her gift.
Weeks and weeks went by, and she wrote nothing.
As each day passed she found herself more and more saddened by it, until.....
The Songbird arrived.

The Songbird sat outside her study window and sang through the day and night, uplifting Maya's spirits and soon she began to write again. At first she wrote about the songbird, but in short order she began writing about everything in life again.She was so passionate with her gift now that she was not only writing, but reciting to others, sharing with others, and even singing it to others.
(Songbirds are symbolic for creative people, for they spark creativity and spontaneity.)

Maya and the Songbird are constant companions to this day.


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