Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ancient Genie and Her Lamp..

~The Ancient Genie and Her Lamp~

What would you do if you were granted your deepest desires?

Are you brave enough to live your dreams?

This is what the Old One asks....Are you ready for your wishes to come true?


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marley and Max ~ Mermaid and Seahorse Soulmates

The Ocean is a beautiful place, another world  within our own of great mystery...but in it's vastness it can also be a very lonely place. Sometimes the Like-minds need to stick together in order to survive.

Did you know that for every Mermaid there is a Seahorse? They are both so strong and yet so

delicate. They are connected as soulmates.

When Marley was a young Sea Maiden, her curiousness used to make her vulnerable to the Humans who tried to catch her. She met Max while in fast retreat in the coral
reef , hiding from the humans on her trail.

Catching her breath and peaking through the seaweed, she saw Max with his tail wrapped around a neighboring plant.
 Max helped her hide until the humans were gone and they became the best of friends, inseperable to this day.

When you see one of them, you always know the other is near by...but most times is you DO see them you'll only see their tails swimming away  in unison as they laugh and tell stories to one another.