Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall is coming...time for Halloween Art Dolls

My most favorite season  is nearly upon us...Fall. I absolutely love Autumn. Growing up in Upstate New York introduced me to this glorious time and since then I have lived in some of the most beautiful places that nurture my love for this color rich time period.
As a child I would go to the Cider Mill in Endicott NY. I would watch them make the old fashioned cake donuts and would peak into all of the barrels of candy apples and apple cider. I waited all year for them to open. In the back of the Cider Mill you would find the Cider Mill Playhouse, where you could watch a play. It was exciting every time.
The crisp air, the changing of the leaves, and the brilliant colors all enhance my anticipation for the season and the things to of them being Halloween. And so, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't create some Art Dolls for this season, now would it?

This week Ophelia's Pumpkin Patch joined our clan of Wisdom Keepers....

Ophelia waits all year for this time..her favorite and most important time...the harvesting of her Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkins may not be the largest...and they may be slightly odd shaped, but everybody and I do mean everybody knows that Ophelia grows the most magical and delightful pumpkins around.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Kachina Gourd

The newest creation in my collection is my Kachina Gourd. Contemplating for about two months what exactly I would do with this particular gourd, I finally had the spark of inspiration.