Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Dolls Touching the Spirit this week...

This week my Art Doll creating focused on some custom orders and gifts, along with adding to my inventory. Twice the amount of time was taken with them, an almost meditative process of complete serenity as I worked. I always enjoy creating them, but something was a bit different this week.
It  felt similar to  a time a few years ago when I sat for hours creating hundereds of prayer bundles for a sweat lodge. When you create prayer bundles, your mind is to be focused on prayers and positive thoughts, and while I always am happy when I create my dolls...this week seemed to be a pure meditation. It was wonderful.

Healing Comfort ~ Chelsea


Dreaming Angel

Green Tea

Cherry Blossom

These dolls have been adopted, but you can see more of my art dolls in my Indiemade shop here

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