Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Understanding the Art Doll and the Artist

Art Dolls have become highly collectible and are an art form in themselves. With the amount of diversity that exists in their creation, many have found it difficult to define their type of art. Fine Art? Fine Craft? Folk Art? Fiber Art? Outsider Art? Assemblage Art?
They can fall into so many categories because of the wide range of mediums that are used. Art Dolls can be created from Gourd, Clay, Cloth, Porcelain, Wood, or Found Objects. Their possibilities in theme and embellishments are even more diverse. With all that said, the commonality that brings them all together and connects the artist and the collector is the Face.

It creates the "voice" for the piece. Some will be serene and peaceful, while others can be mischievous and spunky. They help to tell the story of the Art Doll, of which every one of them has.

Art Dolls are crafted for the adult collector. So as an adult, what makes us fall in love with them?
They can be reminders, reminders of a time past, of ancestors and cultures. They can reflect our interests in magical and fanstasy worlds. They can represent the diffferent stages of being a woman and the journeys that we move through. Or simply, they bring us stories.

Whatever the theme or medium used, Art Dolls become a cherished piece of art, both to the artist and to the collector.


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