Friday, December 10, 2010

Amethyst Meadowskies ~ The Making of Memories

Amethyst Meadowskies only appears on those days when the skyline is the color I call "SkyBluePink". You know when she appears because all of a sudden, out of the blue, you start singing to yourself (usually songs from long ago) as a complete happiness washes over you. Old happy memories flood through your heart reminding of you of your happiest times. She brings the sweetest of memories and happy hearts.

Sitting she is approximately 6 inches tall. She is a cloth art doll with clay face. Her hair is fantastic dyed wool that is twisted like dreds. Small little seed beads adorn her hair. A hand crocheted scarf is wrapped around her shoulders or wool and angora. She holds purple silk flowers in her lap. Her necklace is created from an amethyst porcelain bead and smaller seed beads. She has two bracelets that go around her left wrist. A purple suede mini skirt goes perfectly with the fabric she is made from. She has little purple flowers on her feet, with purple braiding tied up her calves.

She is absolutely sweet as can be, my little hippie girl, Amethyst Meadowskies.


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