Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mermaids from the Deep Sea ~ Lore

After exploring the deepest seas and swimming through the widest oceans, I returned with three very special friends; Shelltina, Calliope, and Penelope. They are some of the wisest Mermaids in all of the Water World.
Now Shelltina was the first Mermaid I met as I swam amidst the cold waters of Nova Scotia.

She is what some of you may call from the Steampunk era, but in her world she is known to hold the antiquities of the Deep Sea. She embraces the knowledge of the Water World history from the very beginning, the wisest of Sea Maidens. She has the ability to be in both worlds of Land and Sea, and understands the emotions that ebb and flow from both. Shelltina is one you would call on when seeking to understand matters of the Heart, and make the wisest decisions in Love and Friendship. She is an enlightened Mermaid.

Calliope is one of her closest friends.

She presents herself when situations of misunderstanding arise. She is extremely diplomatic and knows the perfect ways to create Peace between those that are in dispute. She is a resolution finder. Calliope has an extremely strenuous job.

And last but certainly not least is Penelope. Penelope is a friend to all of the small sea creatures. She protects them, and takes them to safety when larger aquatic animals are nearby. She swiftly sweeps them up and takes them to secret hiding places to keep them safe until they can emerge again.
Penelope is a member of the Sea Urchin Clan. Her best friend and navigator is her Seahorse, Herbert, who can always be found riding on her tail.

These girls have kept me awake for countless hours with their stories since we came home. 

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I love your mermaids!