Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Divine Feminine and Creative Inspiration

Where do you go to when you are connecting with your Inspiration? When you need that fresh flow of ideas that results in a burning desire to put everything  else aside and grab your brush or put the clay on the table, what was your spark?
I can get those little energetic pulses from all of the usual places; nature, reading poetry, listening to music, but my main source that it always comes down to is the Divine Feminine. Those women that came before us, the ancestors and deities, that's what lies at the heart of most of the work I create.
(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

I connect with their stories, their history, their strength, and their passion. They are reminders to me of perseverance, creation, compassion, strength, and to embrace our own abilities to make a difference in the world.
(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

Beyond the historical women, it breaks down in simplicity ~ The Divine Feminine. This is what creates the intricate fabric of our being, the complexities that make us complete, and the balance of strong yet gentle.
Different cultures and different religions, have a name for this presence ~ Gaia, Kuan Yin,  Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Diana the Huntress,Saraswati,  Mother Mary, Mother Earth, Venus of Willendorf, or Isis...the list is long.

(Statue from Brookgreen Gardens)

It is within this deep connection that I draw my inspiration and use that energy to help empower others through my artwork.


(The Statues mentioned above are just a very very few of the beautiful statues at Brookgreen Gardens. To get more information about the Gardens you can visit their site )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silkie ~ Mother Rabbit of the Warren ~ Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Silkie is the most loved and most compassionate of all Mother Rabbits that have ever resided over the Warren. She spends every minute of her days making sure that her Warren is protected while visitng with each and every baby and bringing their mothers flowers and vegetables from the gardens nearby. She has created a strong Sister bond in the Warren, nurturing and thriving.

Silkie stands approximately 10 inches tall.

She is and Original One of a Kind Art Doll, no molds used, and entirely hand-stitched.

Her head is sculpted of Prosculpt Clay. Her body and ears are cloth.She has beading and trim hand stitched on to her little dress.

In her arms she can eiter hold a bouquet of flowers or a wee miniature bunny from the Warren.

The miniature bunny is made of felt and has a clay face and is adorned with trim. He also has a little loop on his back so that he could be hung as an ornament.

Spring flowers and leaves are attached to the wooden base which is signed and dated on the bottom.

A story card accompanies Silkie.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Wisdom of Zella the Lizard Gypsy Goddess

Zella comes from a very traditional Gypsy Clan and spends most of her time
with her grandmother learning all the old ways. Even though she is fairly young, in her early twenties, she is wise beyond her years.

Everyone comes to her for advice, and she always gives it freely with the most tender eyes.When she was a wee one, about 5 or so, she befriended a little lizard on their journey. She scooped him up and put
him in her pocket and they told each other story after story as the Vardo traveled from town to town.

The lizard inspired her during her dreamtime, bringing her many messages as she
slept. They spent so much time together that as Zella grew older, she took on more and more Lizard characteristics.

Zella walks in both worlds, bringing the wisdom of the Roma Gypsy and of the Lizard Clan, making her a very wise and intuitive Gypsy.

Zella is approximately 10 inches tall. She is a

cloth based art doll with clay face.
Zella's face is handpainted with a lizard silhouette
on her forehead. She wears little brass earrings
with lizards on them. Her hair is Black Wave with
beading adornments throughout.
Zella's tail wraps around her on the base and
miniature tarot cards around her tail. She has a
metal tarot hand charm at her waist, and her left
hand holds a gold colored metal sun charm.
A gold wrap is around her shoulders and ties at
her waist. Her beading around her neck are seed
beads and a turquoise pendant.