Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Earth Meets Sky ~ Gourd Art Doll Exhibit

My latest collection of work revolves around the theme Earth Meets Sky: The Emergence of Woman. My goal was to show representations of women that are balanced and in tune with Nature and the Elements. Women that have emerged in their own full rite, as strong and compassionate women, who are confident and comfortable in their own skin.
"Sweetgrass Blessings to the Star People"
~ As  sweetgrass is burned in ceremony, blessings are sent to the heavens where the Star People reside~

(She is created from Gourd and Clay, with layers of acrylics to give her a rich look. She holds a bowl in her arms with Sweetgrass, which is used in blessing ceremonies. A sweetgrass braid also surrounds her base. Her hair is braided down the back and adorned with feathers.)

"Earth Meets Sky Kachina Gourd"
The Kachina Gourd was created to express the Spirit of the combination of Sky and Earth elements...using the symbolism of the sun designs and colors along with the symbolism of mountain ranges and earth colors.A balance of Unity.

Diana the Huntress of the Moon

I was inspired to create Diana to represent the woman who is known as a great huntress, adept at capturing what she is seeking. She is affiliated with the Moon, thereby tying in her symbolic representation of connection between and Earth and Sky.
She is created from Gourd and Clay and embellished with wooden bead necklace, beautiful alpaca fleece for hair which is tied back, and she holds her bow made of wood and sinew.


The all-knowing representation of Mother Earth, who's tree limbs extend to touch the skies in a balance of completing the circle.
Gaia is created from Gourd and Clay, handpainted, and is embellished with leaves and fibers.

Zorya ~ The Three Attendants to the Sun

This piece was inspired from a Slavic legend of Zorya. The three attendants to the sun were known as the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Midnight Star. The Morning Star opened the gates to release the Sun Dog. The Evening Star ushered the Sun Dog back in and closed the gates. The Midnight Star held the dying Sun until the next morning when it would be released again.
Created from Gourd and Clay.

Medicine Woman of the Four Directions
She is known to honor the directions in all that she is and does. The symbolism of them is handpainted on the front of her. The East for new beginnings, the South for the Present, The West for Completion, and the North for the unformed.
Created from Gourd and Clay. She sits on a tapestry that matches her head wrap.

 "The Blossoming of New Beginnings"

I love all aspects of gardening and growing beautiful and plentiful things from the soils, and so the collection would not have been complete without a representation of a new blossom. She is created from a Gourd with clay petals. She emerges from the petals, peaking out at her new beginning, enchanted with the new world.
Gourd, Clay and Hand dyed Fleece

"Wings of Transformation"

After spending her time in the cocoon of lessons, she has emerged to greet her new self, and test her wings in flight.
Created from Gourd and Clay, she is clothed in in beautiful folk fabrics, butterfly wings held in her pockets, and two metal discs that read "Wander" and "Inspire", which will help her on her next journey of helping others in their transformation.

"Earth Tapestry"

A handpainted wood carving on base, representing the rich and complex Universe that we all live in.
Embellished with feathers and beaded base.

I loved creating this series, with so many of their stories dear to my heart.

These creations have all been SOLD, but you can visit my Etsy and Indiemade shops to see my current Art Dolls


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