Sunday, September 25, 2011

Indian Summer Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Indian Summer was inspired by the beautiful time when summer is leaving and Fall is arriving, that gorgeous burst of color that begins to emerge, a warm and passion filled pallete.
This is my favorite time of year, that reminds me of childhood memories of candy apples and apple cider, chilly mornings and light jackets, long winding roads lined with colorful leaves, and the coming of family holidays.

Indian Summer Gourd Art Doll by Jeanne Fry

Fall probably became my favorite season when I was a child in the Northeast. I remember going to the "Cider Mill" every year. This was such a magical place, to me. You could go and watch them making Apple Cider and Donuts through the window lined hallway. The front was dotted with large barrels that were filled with every kind of candy apple you could imagine. Jams, Jellies, Scarecrows, and Fall crafts lined the shelves. At the back of the building was a playhouse, so that during your visit you could take your goodies to the back, have a seat,  and watch a live play in the playhouse.
I loved walking the long country roads that were decorated with Mother Nature's splash of colors and the cool air that made you feel alive.

The smells peremeated the air with women baking...zucchini breads, banana breads, nut breads, and oatmeal cookies. And it was the time of the crockpot, where the food would slowly cook all day, making you wait and savor the meal you were going to receive.
These are just a few reasons why, Fall is my absolute favorite season.

My hope is that "Indian Summer" reminds you of some of these things.


Melody and the Songbird Art Doll inspired by Domestice Violence Survivors

You see, long long ago, Melody's Voice was stolen. Since that time, she had spent years saddened by that fact that she couldn't communicate with her friends, couldn't enjoy lovely chats, couldn't speak her mind....

One day the Songbird came to her as she was sitting on her porch. The songbird chirped and sang, chirped and sang. This delighted Melody at how close the songbird came to her, no fear, and yet sang away. The Songbird came to her everyday, singing and chirping. They began to expect one another. One morning while the songbird was visiting, Melody, while in pure delight, opened her mouth and a song emerged...HER song. Her voice was beautiful and pure, unbridled. The Songbird had lured her voice back.

It was a new voice for sure, wise and strong. The two were inseparable and the best of friends. From then on, they sang together, spreading their songs of beauty and strength.

Melody was inspired by every woman that has survived Domestic Violence.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Will...a Woman's Promise to Herself

Day in and Day out..we make our Lists. Lists of things we need to accomplish each day, the errands,the phone calls, the tasks, and responsibilities. When I flip back through the notebook of Lists, I begin to notice that I don't include things on the list that are for ME. They are all tasks that are related to making a living or the duties of living, but they are not necessarily the acts related to caring for myself and my spirit.

Maybe I assume that those things are to be done in my Spare time?? And I realize what a disservice I am doing to myself. It is now that I determine to ensure that I am put on my own list. Nurturing my own body and soul is as important as caring for my home, taking care of the family, and making a living.

As an artist I create, but not necessarily for myself. Yes, it is what resides deep inside of me, but not really for ME. Lost is my time for journaling, or doing a painting that is intended for my home. My works are intended to be empowering for others, yet who is empowering me?

This weekend I pulled a painting out of my inventory to keep for my own, to hang in my bedroom, and felt....what a gift for myself.

And now I promise myself that I will include Me on my to do list each day, and hope that my other women friends include themselves on their own lists.

This past week I created a new art doll, named "I Will"

"I Will...release my Inner Child....

I Will nurture my mind and soul...

I Will attend to my own needs...

I Will take time for ME each day."

"I Will" is a reminder to every woman to regard her own needs as important as everything else on her list.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Creating in the Solitude

The past week has been a more quiet and focused week by my choosing. With lots of things on my plate between Life and my Art, I needed to have some quiet time to straighten things out.

In those quiet moments, while contemplating Life on Life's terms...I spent time creating.
Some of the smaller works that were completed were some small Art Doll Ornaments and Wall Hangers.

Anita of the Oak Grove ~ Art Doll Wall Hanger

Anita was inspired by a sketch after spending time in the nearby woods. Imagining what kind of wee Fae you would find there, came the sketch of Anita. She's very shy and inhabits a patch of wild flowers sitting under a large Oak tree.

Jenny Blue Mermaid Art Doll Hanger by Jeanne Fry

Folk Art Guardian Angel Art Doll Ornament
She Loved Flowers so much...she BECAME one

Dragonfly Wisp Art Doll Pin
Clarissa Mermaid of the Nova Scotia Waters