Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Will...a Woman's Promise to Herself

Day in and Day out..we make our Lists. Lists of things we need to accomplish each day, the errands,the phone calls, the tasks, and responsibilities. When I flip back through the notebook of Lists, I begin to notice that I don't include things on the list that are for ME. They are all tasks that are related to making a living or the duties of living, but they are not necessarily the acts related to caring for myself and my spirit.

Maybe I assume that those things are to be done in my Spare time?? And I realize what a disservice I am doing to myself. It is now that I determine to ensure that I am put on my own list. Nurturing my own body and soul is as important as caring for my home, taking care of the family, and making a living.

As an artist I create, but not necessarily for myself. Yes, it is what resides deep inside of me, but not really for ME. Lost is my time for journaling, or doing a painting that is intended for my home. My works are intended to be empowering for others, yet who is empowering me?

This weekend I pulled a painting out of my inventory to keep for my own, to hang in my bedroom, and felt....what a gift for myself.

And now I promise myself that I will include Me on my to do list each day, and hope that my other women friends include themselves on their own lists.

This past week I created a new art doll, named "I Will"

"I Will...release my Inner Child....

I Will nurture my mind and soul...

I Will attend to my own needs...

I Will take time for ME each day."

"I Will" is a reminder to every woman to regard her own needs as important as everything else on her list.


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