Sunday, September 25, 2011

Melody and the Songbird Art Doll inspired by Domestice Violence Survivors

You see, long long ago, Melody's Voice was stolen. Since that time, she had spent years saddened by that fact that she couldn't communicate with her friends, couldn't enjoy lovely chats, couldn't speak her mind....

One day the Songbird came to her as she was sitting on her porch. The songbird chirped and sang, chirped and sang. This delighted Melody at how close the songbird came to her, no fear, and yet sang away. The Songbird came to her everyday, singing and chirping. They began to expect one another. One morning while the songbird was visiting, Melody, while in pure delight, opened her mouth and a song emerged...HER song. Her voice was beautiful and pure, unbridled. The Songbird had lured her voice back.

It was a new voice for sure, wise and strong. The two were inseparable and the best of friends. From then on, they sang together, spreading their songs of beauty and strength.

Melody was inspired by every woman that has survived Domestic Violence.



Anonymous said...

As a survivor, I thank you for this beautiful doll. The thought of something wonderful coming from the ugliness is empowering. Blessed be.

ConsciousArtStudios said...

Thank you, from one survivor to another. May we all sing like the songbird.