Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Story of Jillie the Dragonfly Mermaid

You might be thinking that Jillie is the only one of her kind. Well, she is unique in so many ways, but there are many more like her. Jillie is half Dragonfly and half Mermaid. She comes from the Dragonmaid family who live in the deepest waters in the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Jillie the Dragonfly Mermaid by Jeanne Fry

Now Jillie, being a Dragonmaid, has the special ability to swim in those wonderful deep waters and the ability to fly within the sweet breezes up on the earth scape...both of which she loves doing. She spends her days whale watching and occasionally will ride the water spray from the whales and then fly off among the clouds and dance through the sky. During her exploration flights up top, she listens intently and watches carefully all of the goings on of the humans and animals  who live there. She keeps notes of little stories and sketches pictures of them on a shell tablet she carries with her.

Dragonfly Mermaid Art Doll

In the early mornings right after the sun rises, she goes exploring with her sisters looking for fossils. She loves history and seeing where things come from. This passion of hers has made her a great storyteller, spinning tales for the younger ones and entertaining them for hours. And this is Jillie's become the Master Storyteller for all of the Dragonmaids, telling them the tales of the Bay of Fundy and beyond.