Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Wee Bit Garden Spirits

We humans can easily get caught up in a whirlwind, hurrying from here to there, busy busy all the time..and sometimes we forget to slow down...slow down and listen. When we stop long enough and block out the outside noise (televisions, electronics, smart phones) we may be able to hear the wee ones.

They are all around us you see, even in your yard. Of course those are the wee bit garden spirits. Have you ever seen them?

Wee Bit Garden Spirits

These three were conversing under my Rosemary bush, right on the edge of my porch. They had the tiniest of whispers and I had to bend down closer to get a good listen. They were very friendly and happy to meet me, and Ooohhhh the stories they had to tell.
I had to pick them up in order to hear their sweet little voices, and they each introduced themselves to me.

This is Ella. She is the wisest and elder of the Garden Spirits. She holds the knowledge of every plant and flower that exists. She tells of how important it is for one to keep their connection with the Earth and how tending the soil is healing to the soul.

Ella the Wisest Garden Spirit

This is Felicity. She is Happiness through and through. She talks about keeping it simple, and how simplicity is the key to happiness. She reminds us not to let the worries keep us down, but to cherish the sweet things in life.
Felicity the Happy Garden Spirit

And then of course there is Bella. Bella is the listener of the group. Bella listens to whatever is on your mind...your hope and dreams...and your fears and worries. She takes your worries and plants them in her garden, and soon they become a flower bloom, full of transformed positive energy.
Bella the Garden Spirit
I hope you take the time today to....Listen, you never know what you will here.


Symbolism of Sweetgrass Blessings Medicine Doll

Sweetgrass Blessings is my newest art doll in the Medicine Doll series. Her symbolism  is representative of sweetgrass, a cleansing of negativity and a calling in of kind kindred spirits around you. I think we all need to take an inventory of our relationships from time to time, and ask us ourselves which ones are healthy...which ones are unhealthy. During certain periods of our life, we may find that we need to move on from those unhealthy relationships. This is the period that Sweetgrass Blessings symbolizes.

Sweetgrass Blessings Medicine Doll by Jeanne Fry

When you have decided to set new boundaries on how others treat you, and that you only want people that are kind, nurturing, and with good heart around you...this is the personal healing time that is representative of Blessings of Sweetgrass.

This medicine doll was created with these very intentions in mind, lovingly hand stitched, sculpted, beaded, and painted. She is meant to remind you of the importance of you.