Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Symbolism of Sweetgrass Blessings Medicine Doll

Sweetgrass Blessings is my newest art doll in the Medicine Doll series. Her symbolism  is representative of sweetgrass, a cleansing of negativity and a calling in of kind kindred spirits around you. I think we all need to take an inventory of our relationships from time to time, and ask us ourselves which ones are healthy...which ones are unhealthy. During certain periods of our life, we may find that we need to move on from those unhealthy relationships. This is the period that Sweetgrass Blessings symbolizes.

Sweetgrass Blessings Medicine Doll by Jeanne Fry

When you have decided to set new boundaries on how others treat you, and that you only want people that are kind, nurturing, and with good heart around you...this is the personal healing time that is representative of Blessings of Sweetgrass.

This medicine doll was created with these very intentions in mind, lovingly hand stitched, sculpted, beaded, and painted. She is meant to remind you of the importance of you.


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