Thursday, September 27, 2012

Her Treasured Memories Shabby Chic Art Doll

"She holds close to her heart moments in time that are special and endearing...memories of her grandmothers, her mother, her sisters, and loves. She holds these close and is grateful for the lessons she learned and the growth that she experienced, for these are all the things that made her the woman she is today, and she loves to share them...Her Treasured Memories."
Her Treasured Memories Shabby Chic Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
"Her Treasured Memories" is a cloth art doll with that vintage look of the feminine. Designed to display on a wall with a special loop on her back, she captures memories from the past. At 12 inches tall, she is hand stitched from batik fabrics with a batik fabric wrap with a tribal design to represent wisdom from ancient ones from her family. A trim of cream colored fabric flowers wraps around her waist and on her chest, along with a white satin beaded trim that wraps around her hair. Over top of her head and shoulders is gold colored organza. Her skirts holds memories..charms of a clock, tea pot, tea cup, flowers, as well as an old key. More room is available on her skirt for you to add more charms to her skirt of memories. Her face is created from clay and painted and antiqued with acrylics. She is a vision of sweetness and beauty to add to your space to remind you of the treasured past.
Charms on Shabby Chic Art Doll
Her Treasured Memories Art Doll Wall Hanger by Jeanne Fry
Shabby Chic Art Doll

(My art dolls are meant for adult collectors and not as children's toys)

Her Treasured Memories

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