Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mrs. Ellette Autumn, a gnome in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Mrs. Ellette Autumn, is a gnome originally from Llangenny,Wales who now resides in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Ellette is a domestic gnome goddess...taking wonderful care of her family and creating a beautiful home that always smells as if cookies just came out of the oven.
Mrs. Ellette Autumn, a gnome from Spruce Pine, NC
 During her days she checks in on her elderly neighbors, tends the gardens, and rummages through tons of cookbooks finding new and exciting recipes to delight the kids with (who can tend to be picky eaters)...and finally in the evenings when the children have gone to bed, she and her husband spend their evenings sipping cocoa, holding hands, and star gazing.
Ellette Autumn Gnome Art Doll Ornament


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