Sunday, September 30, 2012

Radella the Listener Red Haired Gnome from North Wales

Radella Gnome resides in Colwyn Bay, which is in Conwy, North Wales. Her personality is much like her town, filled with beauty. Radella, since a child, was always an excellent listener, and anyone speaking to her knew that she was as captivated with their words as they were with her raving red hair and sweet eyes.
Radella the Listener Gnome Art Doll Ornament
 When she grew older it was of course a natural choice that she became a counselor so that she could truly help those that came to share their story with her. She emits serenity, healing, and love to those around her and she is admired by all that meet her. She is often found on the seaside and is always ready to share a story.
Radella the Listener Gnome Art Doll Ornament

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